Written by Pantypaul

5 May 2018

I have been chatting and texting a guy I met on a chat line for about three months. The phone sex was great. We usually start about nine am and finish around noon. I always dressed for the chats. My favorite is black bra, white see through blouse, wrap round short skirt and either tights with no panties or hold ups with silky panties.

I would sit on the couch chatting and touching my self, stroking my cock in to the nylon of my tights or the silky panties. we would tell each other what we would love to do to each other. Usually getting very close to cumming.

We have shared pictures of each other, dressed in our favourite outfits. I often wank over the pics. After some great orgasms we agreed to meet. He had not had any encounters with another man before, just phone sex. I assured him there would be no pressure at all, just go with what you want. As he lives in Carlisle and I live outside Manchester, in Atherton we agreed to meet in Blackpool. I booked the room at the Metropole. I told him to meet me in Yates for a drink for a chat, just to make sure all was fine.

I got to the hotel and checked in about 3pm. I took my clothes and hung them up, skirt, blouse, stockings. Fuck I was feeling horny so I slipped my jeans and boxers off and replaced them with a pair of american tan tights. I rubbed my cock till it was hard and rubbed it in to the nylon material. I was horny. My phone bleeped, he was in Yates waiting for me , so I pulled my jeans on and set off. Its only five minutes walk, my cock was still semi as I could feel the nylon under my jeans rubbing in to my cock.

When I got to the pub I recognised him from the pics, he waved me over. We did all the hellos and chatted as if we had known each other for years. Then I asked him if he was wearing anything, "no" he said "ok ," I replied. I told him I had a pair of tights on under my jeans. I put my leg under the table on to his chair. His hand touched my leg and put his fingers under my jean leg. He was touching my tights, he told me they felt great. My cock was twitching again as he was stroking my leg. We had another drink then went back to the hotel. When we got to the room, I went for a shower, washed all over taking good care of my cock and balls .When I had finished I came back in to the room, I found him with the lap top on watching some guys sucking each others cocks. "Your turn" So he went off to shower.

With him gone I slipped on a white see through nylon pair of panties, followed by a pair of nude lacey holdups. My black push up bra, stuffed with some silicone gel fillets. I slipped my wrap round skirt on followed by my white see thru blouse. To finish it off I had a pair of black patent court shoes. I looked in the mirror and smiled. Nearly forgot, My auburn wig to complete the outfit.

When he came out of the shower he had a towel wrapped round his waist. He stood there with his mouth wide open. "beautiful, just beautiful" He came over to me and kissed me on the cheek and looked at me, then kissed me on the lips. We had a full blown snog, my tongue was in his mouth and he pushed his in to mine. It was so horny.. "I havent got any clothes as sexy as yours" He went in to the bathroom and put his clothes on. He came out a bit later wearing a black leather skirt, black top, and a pair of barely black tights. Slutty but horny.

We met in the middle of the room and snogged again. I could feel his cock pushing in to me, so I slipped my hand under his skirt and grabbed hold of his hard cock. I had only just grabbed hold of it and he began to shudder and my hand became all warm . He had shot his load. He apologised, I told him it was fine, we had all night. He took off the cum soaked tights and replaced them with a pair of tan tights. I sat on the bed exposing my stockinged leg. He came over and sat beside me, touching my leg from my knee to my hold up top. I leaned in to him and kissed him, sticking my tongue in his mouth. He opened the buttons on my blouse and he pushed his hand in my bra and squeezed my nipples. This really turns me on. My skirt was now open and my white see thru panties were on show, with my erect cock pushing the straining material. He looked down at it, "touch it" I told him. he put his hand on it and rubbed me. It was now rock hard. I pulled the front of my panties down and got my cock out, he took it in his hand and wanked it , too fast at first then he slowed down to a nice sexy rhythm. Still kissing and his wanking getting faster I came all over his hand. Three big blobs of spunk ,thick and creamy landed on his hand, he squeezed my cock hard and got the last drops out of my shaft.

I went to the bathroom to clean up. When I came back we kissed and he seemed to go a bit cold on me. I told him there was no pressure, if he wanted to stop we would. With that he got his stuff and went.

I have texted him a few times but no answer, must have changed his number.

Never mind, better luck next time..............................

{fordwater is fit]