Written by Tony

31 Mar 2018

Hi my name’s Tony and I’m 42 and keep myself fit I play badminton twice a week and regularly take my bike out for a seven mile ride, I am not married but have a girlfriend who lives a few miles away and only see at weekends.

I get on great with my next door neighbours Jen is 58 and very fit being a size 8 with fairly large tits, Will is 62 and has let himself go a bit.

I get on so well with Will I would rib he about losing weight, I would tell him he’s got a fantastic wife and he should take care of her.

I was down the pub with Will one Thursday night as we quiz together when he asked if I ever had a problem getting an erection, of course not I told him why would you ask?, he went on to explain he was having trouble and Jen is always horny, jokingly I said send her round mine I’ll sort her out.

I never thought any more about it until the following day, when Will came round to my house and asked if I was really joking about Jen, it took me by surprise and not knowing what reaction I would get from Will, I said well it was a bit tongue in cheek but if your both OK with it why not the I laughed to test his reaction. Will continued I spoke to Jen about it and she’s up for it, and I’m fine about it.

We arranged for Jen come over that evening as my girlfriend was away for the weekend visiting her mother.

Half past eight the bell rang and Will and a nervous Jen stood on the door, they both came in and I got us all some beers, the small talk started after about an hour Will said he would head off home leaving the two of us alone. A few more beers later and we started to kiss, my hands found their way up her jumper she wasn’t wearing a bra and I was soon fondling her tits I removed her jumper and sucked on her large nipples they were soon hard, I then moved my hand up her skirt and found she wasn’t wearing panties either (she had come prepared) I could feel her moist shaven fanny, I was now fingering her clit Jen was getting excited and was quite vocal, she had my cock in her hand gently rubbing it, I suggested we go upstairs.

We both got undressed and I eased my cock inside her now soaking fanny, I started off nice and gentle and then increased the rhythm until it was quite vigorous Jen was squealing with delight then she said fuck me harder by now I’d got all of my 9” in her she said work that big cock and fuck me good, I was now banging her for all I was worth and I exploded inside her.

We fucked twice more that night and again in the morning, Jen is a great fuck and she now visits twice a week, we fuck and fuck some nights my cock is sore with all the fucking, Jen is one hell of a good fuck, Will is cool with the arrangements as well and we are still the best of friends, I’m waiting for him to ask if he can watch but the poor old sod can’t get a hard on so not much point.