Written by Ian

30 Sep 2010

We have lived in our house for 5years and were sorry when our neighbours sold up and moved about a year ago. The new people seemed OK and Mel hit it off with Sophie straight away. It was soon clear that her husband Tom was a bad tempered sod. Nice one minute ignore you the next, but at least we didn't have to live with him like Sophie who had learnt to ignore him leaving him to cool down, often popping round to see Mel when he was in a mood, sometimes staying the night, sleeping on the sofa

It was just in the new year, I hadn't been able to get home from a trip due to bad weather and Sophie had turned up and spent the night, sharing our bed, downstairs being to cold, the spare room in use as a computer room. When I got home Mel told me that they'd both gone to bed in panties, keeping away from each other, until in the night it had got cold and they'd cuddled up. The feel of their tits pressing against each other had got her excited. Their nipples had been hard and she'd felt Sophie's hand on her tit, not resisting when she used a knee to push her legs apart, fingers touching her pussy before slipping inside her panties pushing them down. Listening to her I was getting hard, wanting to know more. Instead of stopping her, Mel let her legs fall open, turned on by her fingers, unable to stop Sophie when she started to suck on her nipples, kissing and licking down her body to her pussy and started lapping her hole, she didn't want her to stop. With her head between Mels legs, Sophie’s pussy was close to Mels hand, she pulled her panties to one side, feeling a smooth hairless pussy and pushed her fingers in Sophie’s cunt. She told me that they had laid kissing, tasting her own sex juices on Sophies lips and finger fucked until both had an orgasm then gone back to sleep. Had anything else happened I asked. Mel undid her jeans and pushed them and her panties down to her thighs. “She shaved my pussy. What do you think?” I dragged her off to bed and gave her my answer. After we'd fucked I asked if she'd enjoyed sex with Sophie, blushing slightly she admitted she'd loved it, the softness of another woman, adding that Mel had said she likes both men and women, but Tom doesn't shag her often and it was a shame that I was away. “Would you have let me join in?” I asked. “Before, probably No. Now definitely Yes”. I thought my cock would explode just thinking about fucking them both.

Initially Mel was a little embarrassed they'd gone so far but she'd enjoyed it and when Sophie came round when I was out they often ended up in bed, licking, sucking, fingering before Sophie introduced sex toys. I'd seen some of the Vibrators and dildos, getting stiff thinking about them using them to fuck each others pussy’s. There was no opportunity to find out for a few months if she'd meant what she had said about me joining in. May 19th to be precise, I received a text from Mel,”Cum home 2 pussies need poking”. Saying I was unwell I went home from work. The front door was unlocked, no sign of Mel, so I went upstairs. I could hear them in the bedroom. Pushing the door open, right in front of me on the bed were Mel and Sophie. They both looked at me, Mel gave me a dirty smile telling me to shower and join them, Sophie saying not to take to long. I took in the sight on the bed, two sexy thirty somethings, almost naked wanting to be fucked. Sophie laid on the bed, small tits, slim almost boyish figure, Mel knelling next to her, fuller figure, nice round arse, her tits swaying as she lubricated the strap on cock worn by Sophie. Mel concentrated on the penis shaped black slippery plastic, almost as thick as my wrist. I obviously had a few minutes, quickly showering, stroking my erection wondering how many times she'd been dildo fucked by that monster previously. They waited, kissing, touching each other, Sophie had her whole hand in Mels pussy stretching her hole, lubricating her cunt. Sitting on a stool my cock sticking out straight and hard as the dildo I watched as Mel knelt, face in the pillows, bum in the air. Behind her, Sophie spread her legs wider, using her fingers to pull Mels cunt open. The end of the cock looked almost the size of a tennis ball. I didn't think her cunt would take it, but as Sophie pushed, Mels pussy stretched, opening up as the dildo slid inside her, in a bit out a little in a bit deeper, inch by inch until all but the last couple of inches were buried in her cunt. She let out a low groan from deep in her throat, as Sophie started to fuck her, the slippery plastic cock tight in her cunt hole. Mel bit on a pillow, her moans muffled, her tits squashed on the bed as Sophie rammed her. I slowly wanked my prick, trying not to cum, only just succeeding. Mel, using her fingers on her clit started to cum, frothy juices squirting from her cunt each time Sophie thrust in to her, trying to hold her still, as she loudly orgasmed, the dildo slowly slid out and Mel lay on the bed gasping. Sophie hurriedly unbuckled the harness, got on her back spreading her legs inviting me to fuck her. Her cunt had been stimulated by the dildo rubbing her clit, wet and waiting for cock. As soon as I penetrated her she wrapped her legs round gripping tightly, holding me as we fucked. Mel laid on her side watching closely as my prick slammed in and out of Sophie’s cunt. Encouraging me to fuck her harder to make sure she came. Sophie's orgasm started, if anything she came more noisily than Mel who was telling me she wanted to see me cum in her friends cunt, repeatedly urging me to give her my spunk, squeezing my balls as I shot my load. As soon as I withdrew Mel had her head between Sophie's legs holding her pussy open lapping up my spunk as it spilled from her cunt.

They fuck each other regularly even if it's only a quickie and if I'm lucky I get to join in once or twice a month and have fucked Sophie twice when Mel was at work. She says she loves Tom, who is oblivious to what's going on, but he is boring in bed, shag once a week and go to sleep, whereas her pussy needs much more regular attention. Sophie came round last weekend, I was talking to Tom through the window as he worked on his car outside. As we chatted Sophie got on her knees out of sight sucking my cock until I came in her mouth, Mel standing giggling watching from the stairs, before they both went upstairs for half an hour of fun. We always make sure one of us cleans out her pussy before she goes home after a fuck session. We wouldn't want him to find out and spoil our fun. Recently Sophie has suggested finding another bloke to join us, but Mel is not so sure, whilst I would love to watch another man fuck Mel.