21 Mar 2016

Although my sex life isn't what I'd like it to be I still get to do some stuff with my wife. We're both 68 and in good health. I watch loads of online porn which my wife knows about. She doesn't know quite how much! I also wank when watching it but not always to spunking. I'm also bi-sexual which she certainly doesn't know about!

Saturday night we went to bed early. I found some porn that she liked, a full length Italian movie. Straight. We both wanked ourselves while watching it. I always do but she has always waited until after then I would do oral on her but she would do nothing to me. Not a good situation but more than many men I meet get with their wives. She always gets quite horny watching porn anyway and this time I noticed she was rubbing her clitoris harder and faster than when she just has a normal wank. This made me ne hornier too. She had three climaxes and then watched me wank, fondle my balls and finger myself. I must have used about half a tube of lube! In the end I had a really good climax.

Will do it again this weekend, hopefully. Her climaxes when I do oral on her are amazing. Very powerful and long. I even get to tongue her arsehole.