Written by nursedixon

10 Sep 2007

I first met F at a youth hostel where I\'d gone for a weekend of solo hill walking. Four of us were there independently of each other but we all got on well and so we teamed up. With f it was lust at first sight! Shorter than me, which i like with a slim figure, she was also 10 years older. I attempted to chat her up all weekend, but, while she seemed to enjoy my company, didn\'t respond to any of my romantic overtures!

Over the next year we all met up a few more times for walking weekends and F got more and more desirable and I found out more and more about her. She was divorced, had 2 daughters, the youngest being 16, and had been single since she left her ex 15 years before. No wonder she wasn\'t used to men paying her attention! As we got closer (but not cose enough!) she told me about the crap sex life she\'d had with her ex and how she hadn\'t had sex for the 2 years prior to leaving and so it was 17 years (at this point) since she\'d had any sex at all and the sex she hadthen would nowadays be considered marital rape.

The breakthrough came at a party given by a mutual friend. we were not the only ones travelling a long way for it and it was taken for granted that a god number of people would be staying overnight. For the single men it wasa case of kipping down in the party marqee, but I didn\'t fancy that, so I cheekily asked F if I could share her room. I was amazed when she said yes and I was determined to behave myself so that her trust wasn\'t betrayed. This detrmkination was shaken when she started to undress in front of me when we turned in; not in any sexy way, she just started to get ready for bed and I just happened to be there. She later told me that she was so comfortable in my company that she never thought to do otherwise!

Rather than make it obvious that I was leching, I turned over until I heard her get into her sleeping bag next to mine ( we were sleeping on the floor) and I turned back over to give her a goodnight kiss. She was wearing one of those long, t-shirt type nighties, and her nipples totally obvious sticking up like grapes. I was turned on enough at the prospect of being with her all night, my thoughts about behaving not withstanding. Then things took a VERY strange turn. Remember, she wasn\'t out for sex, didn\'t want a man, and was only like this with me because she trusted me and felt comfortable in my presence.

She said, after the goodnight kiss as we were settling, that if she got hot in the night, she would be taking her nightie off. Jokingly I suggested she take it off now to save time. So she did! I was totally amazed! Here was the woman i\'d fancied and lusted after for a year stripping naked and lying next to me in (a sort of) bed! The figure didn\'t disappoint either. Slim, lovely shaped tits with prominant pale nipples and a slim waist. As she turned away to put the nightie in her bag I saw her arse was a lovly shape, too, an amazingly sexy package, and hard to believe she was 55!

When she lay down again, I leaned over to kiss her again, and this time not a \'goodnight\' peck, but a gentle, lingering iss full on the lips. This time she responded and put her arm round my neck. the kiss went on longer and got more passionate with our tongues teasing each other and i then put my hand on her tummy. No instruction to stop. So i started to stroke her tits and play with her nipples. She was obviously becoming aroused and her hands were stroking my body and pulling my body against hers, my hard cock now very obvious in evidence against her side.

Now I couldn\'t wait any longer and I slid my right hand down between her legs, which opened for me, and I stroked, first her muff, them her clit and she became more active. Then I slipped my finger down to her cunt hole andput just the tip of my finger inside her and she gasped but said nothing. I pushed in as far as I could go, and finger fucked her for a few minutes before going back to hr clip and teasing that some more. By now her legs were wide open, her cunt was soaking and she was giving little moans as she first stroked, then gripped my cock.

I so wanted her now, and I wanted to see her face so I turned over and got bteween her legs. Her eyes weer closed and she was writhing to get under me properly. She took hold of my cock and guided me into her hole and the expression on her face was apicture. I pushed gently into her hole, the first man to do so in 17 years, and only the second man ever to do so! Her legs gripped my back and I rode her with all the lust and passion that I\'d been saving up for a year, feeling her pull me onto herself, legs gripping me and gasping in passion. Then I felt myself filling up and I exploded inside her like a hose which sent her over the edge and she cried out for the first time!

It was an amazing shag for me, and ever since we\'ve been carrying on an affair whenever we can meet. A bit nervous at first, and apprehensive about experimenting, she\'s now as keen on sex as I am and has even suggested some places and positions I haven\'t tried!