29 Oct 2016

This is one story I could not help but reveal. Last night we had a threesome. It was not our first but how special it was made for a great night. We had been through the contact, meeting face to face bit and agreed that we were happy and relaxed with the idea of myself and our new friend meeting with my wife to give her a special evening. That we were reasonably experienced in these matters allowed for the possibility of a no show as happens from time to time. We were confident in this case and our steady stream of contacts brought information of desires to the fore. not much good having fantasies if they are not aired and then acted upon if agreed by all parties. I must stress that at these times it is imperative that the fun is not for one selfish soul but an all round feeling of mutual satisfaction.

Mike had expressed a wish for Di (wife) to wear stockings and suspenders and possibly a basque at some time or other. I was delighted with his choice and told her to go out and spoil herself for him, which she did. I knew we were on to something special as his e-mails had grown bolder and far more explicit in the days approaching our meeting. The weather had been mild and it raised the idea of going outdoors for fun. We had previously discussed this and had sort of thought to put it on the back burner until next summer when the daylight and sun would provide a comfortable experience. However Mike asked if we fancied starting our meet at a pub with a beer garden and some very secluded corners. Now Di is not keen on the seedy side of dogging but clearly did not pick up on the idea of being watched in a pub garden. Mike met us at the pub and we had a drink inside where he managed to discover Di's secret of her underwear, well the stockings and suspenders.

I thought some of the other punters in the pub were glancing in our direction but put that down to my wife dressing to impress, short kilt mostly hiding her stocking tops, but obviously not completely as when she perched herself on a bar stool, the inevitable flash of thigh must have stirred a few groins into readiness. Mike was grinning from ear to ear and as is the usual case I stood in a position to allow Mike and Di to be close together more like man and wife with me as the extra number.

We were happily drinking and socialising and one or two men lingered close by when getting their drinks and passed comment on Di's lovely legs. She is a fifty year old size twelve with slightly larger breasts than her five foot three frame was built for, but this extra comfort gave her a slightly Barbara Windsor cheekiness and she was happy to have worn a scooped top which emphasised her sexy assets perfectly. She has kept herself fit with yoga and lots of walking so no extra fat on her and with well nurtured soft, pliant skin, she is a very adorable woman with a pleasant and friendly disposition and a quick wit which I find devilish and others find mystifying as you cannot predict what she might say next. She is also infuriatingly quick with common sense decisions.

Anyway back to last night. I went to the loo and hung back for a few minutes to let Di and Mike have a few more intimate moments together, walked back the long way through the dining section and spied them across the room talking with heads close together like lovers sharing secrets. I was absent around five minutes and returned to them at the bar just as mike got our second round in. He said he and Di were going outside for a while as it was warm, the cheeky smile on Di's face told me they were going for a bit of fun. She said 'Give us a few minutes and then come out', then he took her drink and she hopped down from the stool giving her stocking tops and a bit of suspender strap a short airing, not missed by several other drinkers and a cheer rang out but she was decent before anyone saw too much. They left towards the darkened beer garden and I stayed as requested. One of the other drinkers came across to the empty portion of bar and stood next to me. I smiled at him and he said 'She's a cracker, bet she gets fucked outside' I asked how he knew that and he said they were kissing and talking close together and he had his hand up her skirt and was obviously touching her up and she was not stopping him. my mind was in a spin yes we knew we were going to be fucking, but for this guy to make such a statement was both incredibly horny to me but also had me thinking I needed to be out there too.

He said he thought they would be going into a corner of the garden where most blokes take a woman to fuck. I then said 'Shall we see if we can watch?' He drained his pint and said 'Come on then' I put my drink on the bar and followed him out. Outside was dark and the grass dewy. He led me past the tables and towards a small copse of trees near a play area well away from the sounds of the pub, just the whine of the beer pumps and clatter of dinner plates being loaded to diguise our heavy breathing , plus the hum of traffic passing by the other side of a seven foot high wall. e stopped and whispered that they were just round the corner and put a finger to his lips for silence. My heart was beating so heavily I was sure everyone could hear it. I heard Di giggling and Mike saying something but could not make it out. The fellah with me pointed towards the wall and I made out two shapes, Mike is quite tall and so it was easy to see his back was to us and Di was visible or rather her white suspender belt was and her smooth skin pale against the wall. Her breasts were bare and her skirt and thong nowhere to be seen (they were laid on one of the benches a few feet away). Mike was playing with her cunt and she had his cock out and she was stroking it which we could see as our eyes became used to the light. I was shocked when Di said 'You took your time' as she stared in our direction. 'Sorry, I was talking to someone inside' 'Never mind, get over here now and I suppose the other one can come over too as long as that is it' I looked towards the pub and said there were no other punters coming out and we closed in on them.

This was the first time I had seen Mike's cock and I was impressed, probably an inch or so longer than mine, but also a decent bit wider too. I now saw Di naked except the stockings and suspender belt and she looked gorgeous. I asked Mike if he liked what he saw and he was very happy, saying she was even better than he suspected and thought she would make a lovely friend too. I introduced the other guy who was called Rob, seemed a bit daft shaking hands so she just stroked his cock and suggested we got down to fun. Seeing my wife naked with myself and two other guys ogling her body in a public place had me thinking just how horny this was. Over the next twenty minutes or so she was fucked by each cock although only Mike came in her, which she loved as his cock filled her nicely, she sucked Rob off and I wanked over her tits as he came down her throat.

We tidied ourselves and helped find Di's clothes before sort of helping her dress. We did not return into the pub and rob came with us back to our place where we had a second session with all three of us fucking her and coming in her. Di remained in her stockings for the duration and rob left for home just after midnight thanking us for a very unusual night. mike was a guest in our bed for the rest of the night and he fucked her again after breakfast which was taken at around ten this morning. Di is asleep as I write but Mike is coming back tonight to take her out and then to his place to fuck her again while I remain at home. What a weekend and I think the clocks are going back and I will be wanking myself silly while I think of what Di and her new lover are up to. Something tells me this will run and run. I am a lucky man.