Written by luckyman

23 Apr 2018

All this happened some years ago when I was 25 and living in a house share with another guy, Rob 29 and two girls, Grace 23 and Emma 31. Emma was a little plain and kept her self to herself but grace on the other hand, was gorgeous, slim leggy and great boobs. Although she had a regular boyfriend she was very flirty with both rob and me, but never gave any hint that she had any intention of cheating on her boyfriend. I think she like the banter with the two if us and the perhaps also the thrill of knowing both of us would love to fuck her.

When graces boyfriend stayed over we were often to treated to the sounds of a creaking bed and her moaning as he was obviously pumping her full of cock, which she obviously enjoyed greatly. I had often laid in bed in my room jerking off to the sound of Grace screwing in the room next door, imagining my hand was her wet pussy sliding up and down my 8 inch cock. Rob was in the room above hers and I know he too enjoyed the audio show we sometimes got, and we had often wondered over a pint what it would be like to get into Graces knickers, envious of her boyfriend, who regularly enjoyed her lovely body. Anyway a lovely fantasy, probably never to be enjoyed.

At the time neither I nor rob had a regular girlfriend but we both got our fair share of pussy, but would have loved to fucked Grace.

This story unfolded when for some weeks there had been no sign of the boyfriend and Grace had not been her usual flirty outgoing self around the house. Eventually she confessed to me that her boyfriend had been cheating on her (what an idiot) and they had split. Over the next few weeks she got back to normal and began to flirt with me and Rob again and we had both said to her that the best way to get over boyfriend was to get back out there, and have some fun. Her response to that was” you mean have some cock don’t you?” well yes we both did, preferably with one of us. She said she didn’t think she was ready for dating yet to which I replied that she didn’t need to go too far from home to find one or perhaps two guys who would love to a no strings shag with such and attractive girl. She blushed and the conversation went no until the following Friday night when emma had gone away for the weekend and as Rob and I went to leave for the pub Grace said “don’t be late you two I have a surprise for you later”.

We had a couple of pints and were intrigued by Graces remarks and headed back to the house quite early. We got back and went into the lounge to find Grace sat on the sofa with the lights low and music playing she stood up and said “ I know you both would love to fuck me wouldn’t you” we both nodded , Grace continued “ well do what I say and tonight is a lucky night for both of you. You are right the best way to get over that dick of an ex cheating on me is get laid and I am so horny after no sex for the last few weeks I think it will take both of you to sort me out. You up for it?” stupid question. I don’t know about Rob but I had semi already

“right then guys strip to your boxers and take a seat, I have little show for you but no touching until I say “

rob and I looked at each other smiled and stripped to our shorts. Grace looked at us and said “looks like you boys are eager” as we both had a growing bulge. We sat down and Grace changed the music and started to dance infront of us. She was wearing a black wrap around skirt that came to just above her knee and a clingy top that showed every jiggle of her breasts as she gyrated. She had high heels on that made her nylon clad legs even more shapely than usual, and I was hoping the black nylon was stockings and not tights. Her dancing was very seductive as moved she lifted her skirt slightly eventually high enough to reveal stocking tops and a hint of suspenders. She turned her back and a undid the skirt keeping her bum covered although giving us both teasing glimpses of flesh before dropping the skirt so we could see her legs and gorgeous bum with a thin strip on black thon between her cheeks.

Her dancing continus and every now and then she would bend forward allowing a quick glance at her thong covered pussy mound nestling at the apex of her silky thighs.

By now both rob and I were rock hard and rubbing our cocks through our shorts. Graces dancing was raising us to fever pitch when the only thought going through my head now was sliding my cock into Grace and fucking her until I came. But she kept dancing turning towards us she smiled as she watch us rub our rigid bulges. Next she lifted her top up and over her head so she was inches away form us in just stockings, thong and bra. Her thick nipples obviously pressing against the flimsy fabric clearly hard and erect with her own arousal. She teased us even more by bend forward and jiggling her boobs right in our faces but we couldn’t touch. After a little more dancing she slipped the straps from her shoulders and pulled the cups down to reveal her gorgeous 36 d boobs. So pert and firm looking her nipples till rock hard and like the tip of a little finger pointing slightly upwards. I gasped out loud and rob said “fuck they are perfect Grace” “thanks” was her reply as she reached behind her back un clipped her bra and tossed it onto robs lap ….”no touching” she teased.

She was now left in just a tiny black lace thong stockings and suspender belt and looked fucking amazing. She continued to gyrate as she said “ok guys I want your shorts off. I want to see the lovely cocks that you are going to fuck me with before I reveal my lovely tight pussy which is where you are going to put them”

We both stood up and dropped our shorts and grace cam over and took one in each hand and purred appreciatively “ MMMMM bigger than ex I am going to enjoy this” with that she let go and took a step back, pushed her hands into the waistband of her thong and slide it down her legs until it hit the floor she kick it away, parted her legs slightly revealing her shaven slit to us both. Her pussy lips were plump,swollen and glistening with arousal..

“so guys do you fancy getting your dicks into this” she said as she rubbed herself and spread her lips further apart. “oh yes please” was all I could say as I stood stroking my throbbing cock.

“I Want you one at a time so whos first?” robe beat me to it and said yes, Grace told me to sit down and watch as she kissed rob passionately on the lips and his hands started to roam over her naked flesh. Grace wasted no time in taking hold of his cock and stroking its length. He was about the same size as me but maybe not as thick. She slowly wanked him as he squeezed her boobs and pinched her nipples, causing her to whimper with pleasure. Grace started to kiss his chest and went lower until she slid to her knees in front of him, kissing his shaft making it visibly twitch when her mouth was level with his bell end she opened her lips and took him into her mouth sucking and slurping until she had swallowed every inch. Fuck she was horny and was so looking forward to my turn with her. My cock ached and throbbed it was so hard.

I continued to watch Grace bob up and down robs shaft with her mouth, making him moan with pleasure..she sucked him for almost ten minutes before her pushed her away and led her to the sofa where she sat down kegs wide open and her returned the favour going down to lick her swollen cunt. “lick my clit you dirty bastard. Make me come on your tongue” he did as instructed and was clearly hitting the spot as Grace started to buck her hips, moan loadly and eventually her whole body shuddered as Rob made her come “FUCK THAT’S GOOD” she screamed as the orgasm ripped through her.

As she calmed down from her peak Rob got between her legs aimed his cock at her slit and plunged it into her in one deep thrust. Grace gasped as she wrapped her legs around him and just begged to fucked hard and fast. Rob needed no second invitation and started to pound her at a furious rate for several minutes. I don’t know how he didn’t come but some how he kept control and pulled out turning her over onto her knees. Arse in the air he stood up and entered her pussy again from behind. He grabbed her hips and again quickly built up the pace until her was fucked her like a man possessed and she was pushing back to meet his every thrust. They were in sync and grace was getting loud telling him to keep going she was going to come again. Moments later she shuddered to an orgasm and rob plunged even deeper into her obviously emptying his balls into pussy with several sharp thrsts.

They collapsed in a heap on the sofa breathing heavily. “wow Grace you are a horny bitch” I said and she replied “if you enjoyed watching you are going to fucking love having your cock in my mouth and pussy aren’t you. Let me go and clean up and then rob can watch you give me a good seeing too”

To be continued