Written by Joban

20 May 2015

hi guys thats us back from sight seeing gday out in san mateo ,,its quite a big town and we went to there market day, Amy spotted a big tent with music playing so we went over it was packed with the older people getting there groove on ,I was in usual shorts and Amy was in a white floaty dress and bikini underneath wasn,t long before an old guy came over and ask if he could dance with Amy so off she went she was away at the btm end and change parners twice then she caught my eye and pointed me out to her dancing partner who just shrugged his shoulders and nodded his head,she came over and said if we wanted we could go to his place for cool drink just round the corner she laughed and said please lets play with the old guy so off we went ,,,got to his place and when we went in there were 2 other even older guys sitting,they gave us a beer and Amy started what she does best dancing and teasing ,the tall guy asked her to take her dress off she did, she ask them all to take their shorts off they did, tall guy nice size cock, two older guys not big but fat cocks and really hairy ,,then the tall took charge he seemed to be the boss its all in spanish so we went with the flow ,Amy was soon naked and sucking on tall guys cock he then said something to one of the guys he came over and started sucking me off tall guy then told the other one to lie on floor and he positioned Amy on his cock and she rode him hard ,tall guy beckoned me over and made me suck him i was loving that nice bit of spanish meat while the other guy licked my hole, the guy Amy was riding shot his load got up and put Amy on the sofa then made Amy clean him up ,tall guy then position me so i could lick Amys pussy which was full of old spunk and let the other old guy ride me he didn,t last long i didn,t even feel him coming but then tall guy took over a rode me fucking hard and i mean hard.. i certainly felt him once he was done they all clapped and said Gracias ,,,but Amy wasn,t done she put tall guy on the sofa put her cunt over his face and fingered herself till she squirted all over his face and chest and he was soaking when she was finished i gave a quick fuck as they watched and were shouting god knows what so i could release the spunk in my aching balls ,,a quick shower we said our good byes and left ,,we were driving back Amy said we have just fucked and been fucked by 3 70 year men ,,,,awesome