Written by Mr happy holiday

2 Mar 2016

It all started a four years ago in Gran canaria maspalomas after a night and a few drinks , which we don't normally do. It ended up four hours later with my wife wanking a total stranger off getting licked out by another man and fucked hard by another stranger.

My wife was 36 at the time and has a great body going to the gym everyday and enhanced 32ee breasts, which she loves to show off constantly with very low tops and skimpy gym wear.

Because of her body and being attractive as well as her constant cleavage she always gets attention from males, we were drinking in a pub early in the night and I went to the toilet only to find a local trying to chat her up I came back and he walked off , but kept staring at her as she had a boob tube on, in the end- for a joke I asked him to take a picture of us and as he did I pulled her top down exposing her breasts which he loved and got me more turned on especially with the fact that she was in no hurry to pull her top back up again.

After more drinks we ended up in a taxi and asked him to take us to an adult club which we had spoke about to have some fun needless to say it was a swingers club and we just went in initially for the laugh but within 10 mins we were in a dark corridor near a jacuzzi, we sat down and started to kiss before long we had 3 or 4 men watching us and I started to grope her breasts and pull her top down and within seconds noticed that the men aged from 25-55 were wanking themselves off my wife went down and got my cock out and started to suck me off with her boobs on display at that point I notice that she had grabbed one of their cocks and started to wank him off.

I turned her on her back and started to kiss her and within seconds she said I'm getting licked out and we laughed as I looked and A muscular man had taken his top off and was licking her whilst

another older man now started to

Masturbate I started to get an early pre cum and we walked off as we were getting to much of a crowd.

She asked me if I was ok and I said yes and she asked if we could have another man join in ... we had spoke about it but it was a lot better in the flesh, I said sure as long as there was no kissing , she said she wanted me to choose and with that she took her boob tube off layed on her back and lifted her dress up and let me play with her we were in what I can only describe as a small room with a black door she layed back closed her eyes and looked so sexy I stayed near the door where I could play with her pussy, men just walked past looked in for a few secs and then I asked them to move 8 or 9 men must have watched and asked but I just shake my head until I watched a local lad well dressed in his late 20s walk down the corridor and he again stopped and watched but this time I invited him in and within seconds he looked amazed by her perk breasts and started to lick her out and within mins started to fuck her hard as I kissed her he exploded inside her wearing a rubber and then we switched places and I started to lick her and could taste the condom then I looked up and they were passionately kissing and I started to fuck her hard the kissing which was so hot made me cum straight away she then took the condom off and sucked him dry and he started to get hard and it all happened again she sucked him until he came in her mouth fucking amazing we we back to the Rio hotel where we fucked again and then in the morning after breakfast it was unreal.

Since then we have had her ex round who has a massive cock and we both work with which was dirty as. I have never been jealous just turned on especially after looking at the pics I took. She doesn't mind me taking pics of her naked and had some professionaly done which she said I could show one of my gym mates which I done, which was also a major turn on and we have spoken about talking to him about another 3 some ,he is married but always moans about his wife not wanting to get close I was wondering your thoughts about a threesome with a mate ? Plus why is it such a turn on sharing my wife or men staring at her when she wears low tops ???