Written by pleasure rider

16 Aug 2011

After visiting Rita's house on a few occassions i finally managed to arrange a visit to her holiday home in Wales. When I arrived Rita was waiting at the site gate in a very trendy trousers and top and from a distance, she would not be taken for a 74 year old pensioner.

it was early july evening, but as soon as we entered the chalet door, rita immediately drew the curtains and explained that next door was a little too close and she did not wish to have to explain to nosey neighbours, who the visitor was.

I was only dressed in 3/4 shorts and t-shirt, with a pair of flip flops on my feet and she insisted that I sit on the large sofa under the window, rather than the small table seat i had chosen. Rita had a bottle of wine in a cooler on the table and poured two drinks and then snuggled up alongside me on the sofa She commented on my hairy legs and asked did the hair continue up my thighs. Whilst kissing me she traced her fingers up the inside of my legs and started teasing my balls through my underpants.

Not to be outdone, I managed to undo her bra and fondled her still unbelivably firm tits and erect nipples.She was sighing and breathing quite heavy, while trying to undo the buttons of my shorts. I stood up to allow her to pull them down and she expertly removed both shorts and underpants in one tug.with that she cupped my balls with one hand while fondling my now erect cock and was staring intently at my manhood. She said it was that long since she had seen another one she had almost forgotten what it had looked like. Now I am not the most well endowed man in the world, but my six inches must have seemed like heaven to rita as she \knelt down and started kissing my chest and twisting my nipples and working her way down my belly with kisses until she finally reached my cock. Although she was 74, she had most of her own teeth and was biting chewing and sucking my knob in one frenzied action. I felt pain at first and had to ask her to do less biting and more sucking.

I then wriggled down onto the floor alongside her and removed her trousers and panties and we performed a 69er for around 10 minutes. The noises out of rita was like nothing I had never heard before and wondered if passersby would hear her groans and shrieks as \I licked and sucked at her aged pussy and licked her hot clit. Her hairy pussy is like a jungle and the smell was musky yet intoxicating as pounded away with my tongue.

Then all of a sudden there was aknock on her door and a voice was shouting out for Rita. I was quickly up and Rita ordered me to be quiet and nit to say a word (t b c )