Written by pleasurerider

10 Nov 2011

Since my last story, I have had regular sex dates with 74 year old Rita and must admit it has been a very enjoyable time for both of us. The sex has been getting more adventurous. Unfortunately she has not yet confided in her friend, or at least not that I know of, but Rita has more than made up for it by doing everything you can imagine during our sex sessions.

Swallowing my cum is a must for her and she does this at least twice whenever we meet. Although I have fingered her arse and rimmed her, anal penetration has not yet happened, but fucking her in every position you can think of is the norm.

To date I have not told anyone about my relationship(except this site), but I eventually mentioned it to my best mate, Dave aged 70, as I could not keep it a secret any longer. The look of shock on his face made me think he was disgusted at me for fucking a 74 year old pensioner But what he said next nearly knocked me over. While I had been seeing Rita almost twice a week for four months, Dave had also been seeing her on opposite nights of the week around the same period. She had not been as filthy with him, but the thought of my cock being in her mouth, while he had been kissing her the following evening freaked him out. Not to mention that this so called liberated old lady had kept this little secret to herself for almost 4 months.

Our dilemma now is should either of us make a date with Rita, but both of us show up and see what happens? Will she turn us away or should we confront her individually? Is there anyone else she is using as I now feel she is using us and she knows exactly what she is doing. And all the time I thought I had rekindled a 74 year old woman's hidden feelings when in reality I have released a mature nymph Will she go for a threesome? What should we do?