Written by Gent4gran

5 Jun 2011

This is a true event. Hope you like.

I have just returned from a cruise with a lady friend of mine. I'm 56 and she is 65. She calls me her toy-boy! We meet about once a week or fortnight for sex in the afternoon.

This particular waiter was a good looking Indian lad in his late 20's. A bit short and stocky, different to me as I'm tall and slim. My lady friend is respectable looking, petite figure and well dressed. She enjoyed the attention he paid her. Smiling, joking, and asking how she was. (I know they all do that).

One morning over coffee he slipped her a note asking if she could meet him in the bar at 3pm? She seemed quite excited and asked me what I thought. I suggested she go alone, to see what he wanted. And joked that I'll leave the one condom that I carry in the cabin! She got all flustered and said 'It won't come to that'.

So she went to the bar 3pm. He was pleased to see her, and she only stayed for about 30 minutes. As she left, he followed her out and beckoned for her to follow him round the corner. He grabbed her hand and led her into the ladies toilets. He said she looked fantastic and kissed her neck. She felt herself responding when her kissed her again on the lips. He asked if he could come to the cabin when he finished at 11pm? She had to tell me, so I could disappear for a hour or so. I had a hard-on thinking about what might happen.

We both couldn't concentrate over dinner or the theatre show. I was probably grinning from ear to ear, and she was pretending to blush. About 10pm we went back to the cabin for her to get ready. I suggested she 'go for it' and just wear her red satin dressing gown and strappy stilletos. She said he was probably going to shoot his load straight away and it would be all over quickly. I left to 'go walk-about' about 1045pm, my heart racing like a train.

She said that she would text me when it was safe to return. At about 1230 I hadn't heard anything so texted her. 'He's just gone' came the reply. I raced to the cabin, to find a great sight. I knew straight away that she had been shagged. Hef face was bright red, and her hair a mess (she hated that usually). 'Well?' I said. 'Bloddy fantastic !!' came the reply. I stripped off while she told me what happened.

He kissed her and ran his hands all over, feeling her tits and bum through the satin. He undid the gown and said 'Wow!' when he saw her petite tanned body. Anyway, he took his time, wore the condom, and fucked her slowly, building up to his orgasm.

They lay together for a while and she stroked his smooth dark skin. She loved his firm bum and arm muscles. He got another erection and asked if she had another condom? As she didn't, he said 'O.K. can I have a blow-job?'. Now oral is not her strong point. In fact with me she always made excuses about me being too big (yes, really) or she didn't like the taste. But this time she excelled herself. Licking, sucking and slurping away, he came in her mouth, and she swallowed the lot!!

By now I was naked with a rock hard cock. I pushed her back on the bed, and dived between her legs, licking her swollen pussy lips. She was really wet, so I slammed my cock up her and banged away. Calling her a 'dirty whore' and 'filthy little slut'. She responded by coming hard, soaking my cock with her juices. I pulled out and shot my load all over her belly. We both collapsed into a happy, sticky mess.

Now I think she wants more of the same. The chances of meeting the waiter again are pretty remote. Although they have swapped phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

I think we might be spending some time in Indian restaurants, hoping for her to 'pull'.

I loved her being a whore for me. She now sucks my cock with pleasure!