Written by devo2152

16 Jan 2014

after spending a nice afternoon with my wife debs gran it was time to head home,the weather was very bad and rain lashed the road outside, with the car in the shop meant we had to use the bus,debs gran gave us an old mac to shelter under well we waited for our transport home, the mac thou a bit tatty had a fantastic old rubber smell and the noise it made as we ran to the bus stop was turning me on big time, the rain stopped and debs folded the mackintosh neatly over her arm, a younger chap at the stop started a conversation mainly about the weather but also about the mac saying they were very sort after being rubber backed and made in the forty to fiftys, to my surprise my wife slipped it on as the bus arrived, the bus was empty and my wife took a seat next to the young man leaving me to sit alone, although the trip home wasn't that far my wife was getting very cosy with her new friend and even the fact she had covered his cock aria with the mac it was obvious she was wanking him under it, this continued for most of the trip ending with my wives hands both being on his cock and wanking him for all she was worth and judging from the squirming and grunting of the chap she was doing a very good job, on leaving the bus I placed an arm around her to find a sticky mass, she just turned kissed me and said I don't know what cum over me,dirty bitch I though, we have split up but I still have the mac and think about that day every time I drag the mac out