Written by cuckhappy

2 Nov 2017

We had been away visiting friends and relatives for a month and were glad to get back to normal and less overeating. My wife Liz took her fitness classes up again and within another month was looking as fit and trim as ever. We had been contemplating making arrangements with someone from this site but put it on hold while the muffin top disappeared. Her confidence back, we sought out a likely match and set about having an initial meet on neutral ground to allow us all to decide whether the spark of interest was there. Unfortunately our first guy was a no show, very disappointing and now he had no chance even if he came up with a plausible reason.

The next candidate was very arrogant and I took an instant dislike to him and so did my wife. We sat through an egotistical hour with him hardly pausing for breath and I called a halt when I said we were going and not to bother with any messages as were not compatible. We got up and left and laughed all the way home in the car at how he looked at us completely bamboozled why we were not inviting him to enjoy sex with us. He may have been desperate or lonely but his attitude excluded any questions about us or our interests. We saw no point in committing ourselves to intimate fun with such a bore. If you are reading this my friend, just think about how you came across and then what was supposed to happen later. If you are serious about having fun, then be a fun person and also learn about your prospective friends and be certain you know that a lot of discretion and trust must exist first and there was nothing in that meeting which indicated we could be friends or trust you. Please take this as a friendly piece of advice or you will have more disappointments than successes.

It was at our fifth attempt we got a more interesting scenario. this guy was keen to meet but suggested he would prefer to use his house as the meeting place. We agreed and arrived in front of a large converted farmhouse several miles from us. He greeted us as we arrived on time. This was a complete contrast to the self centred guy a few weeks earlier. He was articulate without being boring or snobbish, enjoyed a good lifestyle, was divorced three years ago and had indulged his freedom in doing the house up. An architect by trade but with practical knowledge and ability, he was a complete antithesis of our earlier bore.

He asked about us and our interests outside the bedroom, saying he wanted us all to be certain we knew what was on offer. We had a drink, me remaining on soft drinks as I was driving. As is normal I excused myself at an appropriate time to allow more intimate conversation between Liz and Steve. I wandered into the bathroom and after several minutes hung around in the hallway admiring the oak beams and the cleanliness of the rooms. I heard a little laughter and gave it a couple of minutes before re entering the room where I saw he had his hand up her skirt, something I did not expect on a first meet but when I noticed the panties she had put on that evening were on the coffee table right next to his drink I realised that he was a very fast worker. Liz lay back with a dreamy look on her face and she just looked vacantly at me as it registered I was back in the room.

I took a seat further away from them and Steve smiled and said that he had not been able to resist her lovely body. I replied that as long as she was happy, then so was I. The look on his face told me he was hoping for such a result. He slid her skirt up and revealed her wet cunt and said it was absolutely perfect, fingering again as I looked on. Liz had her eyes closed and said to Steve to carry on. I remained in the background but got a picture of him fingering her from my position, then took several more as he undressed her in his lounge. I was glad she had worn the sort of thing she would be putting on for a meeting, stockings and suspender belt and new matching bra and panties to complete a very alluring assembly of clothes.

He soon had her breasts fully uncovered and with her top and skirt tossed behind the sofa they were on, she was ready to be fucked. I then had the strange thought that I wondered what the earlier arrogant guy would have needed to do to get in this position. I changed my focus back to the present as she began searching through his trousers for his cock while he played with both her breasts and the nipples which stood out like bullets, reflecting her excitement at being in the situation she was. He stood up and allowed her full access which meant his trousers and pants were very soon on the floor and she had her hand on his cock, feeding it into her mouth while she slipped his shoes and socks off. He stepped out of his trousers and pants and removed his shirt. They were both naked and in the throes of total abandonment of themselves to each other, I was forgotten but had also stripped off to wank as they screwed. I lay back scarcely touching my cock for fear of exploding my cum everywhere...Liz looked fabulous as she gorged herself on his shaft, an average size but nice and wide.

I knew she was going to be fucked and I was going to see her take him bareback, (they had discussed this when I was out of the room). Steve suggested the bedroom and he led her by the hand, her stockings and suspender belt still on as were her shoes. I followed, watching him playing with her bum as they ascended the stairs. They entered the bedroom and she was spreadeagled on the bed while he licked and sucked her cunt and took her close to orgasm. I knew she would climax when he inserted his cock deep inside her and began to fuck her. She was sucking his cock at the same time, a classic sixty nine. More photos of this memorable occasion. Steve said himself that this evening was beyond what he had envisaged happening but he just gave way to spontaneous feelings and here they were about to do the most intimate act together and seal the whole thing with her taking his seed.

Liz lay back and readied herself for his cock. It was like a ritual being played out, they had eyes only for each other (I would not want it any other way). She was ready and waiting, legs open wide, her cunt pouting, ready for his cock and he knelt between her thighs, touching his cock against her cunt lips. I held my breath and watched as she took his cock tip and started to feed it into her cunt. She looked at me and smiled, the first real acknowledgement that i was there, then looked up into his eyes and said 'Please fuck me now' and slid her pelvis down, enveloping his tool all the way to his balls which nestled against her wet arse. I was holding my breath watching this very sexy and enticing act. I wanted to be in there, playing with her breasts and cunt as well but I held back wanting her to experience the whole act between just the two of them and I would reap my reward soon enough. I watched the thrusting, heard the sighs and the encouragement and saw the penetration all for myself. My cock throbbed for release but I held back, denying myself the perfect release, but knowing a premature cum was not the best. Better by far to wait and burst my spunk after he had fucked her and his spunk was dribbling out of her pussy.

My wait was indeed quite short, their energy in getting to know each other was short lived due to their urgency and soon he tensed and gasped as he filled her wet cunt with his spunk. Liz held tightly onto him, her thighs drawn up towards her chest and her cunt receiving a huge wad of white cum. They kissed passionately and remained coupled while they regained their breath and composure, then slowly he withdrew, his cock remaining half hard and Liz cleaned him up, licking their collective juices from his shaft. I stood up and crossed the room to them both. I looked at her reddened lips with a silvery river oozing from it. I said 'That looks beautiful' and i meant it. It is one of my all time favourite shots, just after she has been fucked by another cock, it makes me so very proud that we can love each other so much and allow such intimacy with someone else not to spoil that closeness with each other.

Steve watched me lick her out and then I saw he was hard again. He said he had not seen a husband do that in front of him before but it made sense. He then asked if she could stay the night in his bed and if I would not mind using a guest room he would not object to me watching again if I liked. I looked at Liz who was smiling sweetly and nodded my acceptance. I left them to it for the next twenty minutes but on hearing her gasping again, could not resist going back in to see them fucking again, this time doggy style as well as her on top. he eventually shot his load again and I retired to my bedroom, leaving him the task of cleaning her pussy, which he apparantly did.

Next morning we had breakfast together and Steve said thankyou to us both for a memorable night. She was quite sore that morning as he had her for a third time as they woke. We agreed to meet him again and he asked if she might be allowed a weekend with him some time. I said that those decisions were for her to agree with him and I was happy as long as she was safe.