Written by John M

2 Jul 2017

Although this happened some time ago, I will never forget it! My now ex wife and I decided to go for a drink with a friend whose wife had gone back to see her relatives in Ireland for a week, nothing had ever happened between us other than a game of strip poker one night where the wives took their bras off, but we both clearly fancied each others wives but never thought of doing anything to break our friendship up. I loved my wife wearing sexy underwear and I'd brought her a new white waspie to wear, which she'd put on as she knew it was a turn on for me knowing she was wearing it under her clothes. We went for a drink locally to my friend and he asked us back for coffee, when we got there I kept to coffee, but Julie, my ex carried on drinking wine. After about an hour, I said we needed to go home as Julie was wearing a present that I wanted to enjoy, Graham our friend asked what it was and Julie, lifted her dress to show Graham the Waspie and stockings - I couldn't hold back any longer and asked her to take off her dress, which she did, the air was full of tension, Graham clearly liking what he was seeing, I said to Julie to take off her bra so Graham could see her tits, which he'd seen before when we played cards, I said would you like to touch them - he looked a bit worried, but Julie said it's ok to have a feel, so she laid on the floor and before i knew it he was sucking them, the sight turned me on and I lifted her G string off and got down to her, she was running with love juices, so I knew she was turned on - I stood back and looked at her just in her Waspie and Stockings getting her tits sucked. I took a chance and said to Graham that she wanted to see his cock, not knowing if she did or not, but he stripped off in an instance and had a big stiffie on, I told him to rub it on her tits which he did, Julie was now really up for it and said to me to fuck her, so I stripped off and started to fuck her, Graham was just watching and wanking and said this was the stuff of dreams - Julie was turned on like I'd never seen her before and then I took a chance and said 'do you want to fuck her', Julie did not say anything, so I pulled out and Graham came over and entered her while she was lying down, it was so sexy watching my wife fucking for all she was worth. Julie was in ecstasy, but I was worried Graham might come up her as I wasn't sure she'd allow that. I said to Julie to get up and told Graham to sit on the sofa and let Julie sit on him, I was sorry I didn't have my phone to take a video as it was so sexy, I then asked her to spin around so she was facing me and I could see him pumping her, I walked over and stuck my cock in her mouth and she was loving it, she had not often given me a blow job so I was surprised she was going for it in such a big way.....the air was full of the smell of sex. Graham said could he taste her cunt, so he slid down the sofa and Julie moved over his face, she was rubbing backwards and forwards like there was no tomorrow and then said she was going to come, Graham was wanking like mad as Julie rubbed her cunt into his tongue and them she exploded and just collapsed, this would normally be the end of our sex at home and I asked her what she wanted to do, she said to carry on as it wasn't fair we hadn't both come, I said where do you want Graham to come and she said wherever he wants to, I said - what, even up you cunt, she said if he wants to and you are ok with that? So he sat on the sofa again and she lifted herself on top of his cock, I then thought what the hell, her ass was facing me as she bounced up and down his cock, I knew Graham was close to coming and the he arched his back and exploded in her, Julie started to lift off him, but I could see all the spunk coming out of her and said stay sitting on him and rubbed a bit of it on her ass and tried to put my cock in there, she'd never done anal before, and I wasn't sure if she'd let me - but she said. 'I know you've wanted to do it, so go for it...so I pushed in and fucked her ass like I was never going to get the chance again, she was still sitting on Graham who was sucking her tits and fingering her cunt, she said 'I'm coming again' -the first time ever for two orgasms, so I exploded in her ass, gradually disentangled and as she stood up in her Waspie spunk was running out of her cunt and ass. Julie cleaned herself up and we went home and fucked again talking about it to each other. It never happened again but remains one of the most sexiest things to ever happen to me