Written by Great Outdoors

5 Jun 2013

I have been reading the stories on SH for sometime and thought I would add some of my own experiences.

I have been with my wife for about 10 years and things had become a little stale in the bedroom. She is 31, 5’4 blonde, size 16 with large breasts and a nicely trimmed bush.

I have a fairly high sex drive and enjoy trying new things whereas my wife was quite the opposite and only ever got adventurous after a lot of drink, until recently anyway.

I recently agreed to pick her up from a work colleague’s party in town. I arrived at the time we had agreed and had to wait in the car park for about 20 minutes for her to appear outside. I was becoming increasingly annoyed and when she arrived she sensed I was not in a good mood. She was dressed in a pair of jeans and a low cut top which showed off her big tits.

She apologised for being late and I half jokingly said that she would need to make it up to me later. I was not expecting anything to happen but she asked what I wanted her to do I replied that I would let her know. I half expected her to say no but she nodded as if to say ok. After all she had quite a bit to drink and I thought that this could be my lucky night!

We set off for home, which was about 30 minutes away. After we got out of the city centre I released my cock and told her to play with it, to which she obliged and slowly started to rub it. After a couple more minutes I told her to take off her jeans, she was reluctant at first and said no but after a while I managed to talk her in to it. Once they were off I said “and the knickers too”. She again refused but I managed to talk her in to it after a while. I then told her to open her legs and she put her legs up on to the dashboard exposing her trimmed pussy.

Whilst still driving I reached over and began to play with her pussy. She was getting quite wet and obviously beginning to enjoy herself. I pulled off the motorway at the next junction, which was well before home. My wife questioned what I was doing but I replied that she would need to wait and see. I drove for a couple of minutes along the main road before turning off on to a smaller road leading to a village a few miles away.

We have in the past enjoyed some outdoor fun or fun in the car but this had not happened for some time and was usually pretty tame but I decided to try my luck.

I pulled in at the side of the road and told my wife to suck my cock (which she does not do very often) but she refused but after playing with her pussy for a couple of minutes I asked her again and she said ok, but only for a little bit. She knelt on the passenger seat and proceeded to suck me and as she was drunk she got quite in to it, teasing me and flicking my cock with her tongue.

After a few minutes I told her to stop as I was beginning to get close, and I had not finished with her. I told her to get in the back seat which she did and I told her to kneel on the seat. I got out and opened the back door to see my wife kneeling on the seat with her arse in the air. She thought that I was going to fuck her there and then but I wanted this one to last. I started licking her pussy from behind and playing with her clit with my fingers. I occasionally flicked at her ass with my tongue, which usually she does not like but tonight it was driving her wild and she came all over my face and tongue.

I stopped and told her to get out the car which she did. I grabbed her hand and pulled her round to the bonnet of the car, lifted her arms up and took off her top. She pleaded with me not to as we were only a few yards from the main road and somebody could turn in at any minute. I told her to be quiet and proceeded to remove her bra also.

She was feeling a little bit insecure about being totally naked outdoors and being so close to the main road but I could not care less by this point and started sucking on her big tits and squeezing her nipples hard. She loves having her nipples sucked and squeezed and begged me to fuck her.

I obliged and told her to bend over the bonnet of the car; I got behind her and slipped my rock hard cock in to her wet pussy. I wasn’t going to last long and began to pump her hard and fast from behind. She was loving this and was being quite vocal and shouting out for me to fuck her harder. This sent me over the edge and just as I was about to cum I removed my cock from her pussy and spurted my cum all over her arse.

We both got dressed again and set off for home. It was almost 3am when we got in and we went straight to bed. I told her I had I had an awesome time and that I loved outdoor fun with her when she was in the sort of mood she was in. She replied that she loved being treated like a slut and being naked outdoors and this got her so excited again that she had reached over and was playing with my cock again. Once I was fully hard again she climbed on top and fucked me like a woman possessed until we both came together before crashing out.

Ever since this night my wife has become extremely horny again and loves being fucked outdoors. So much so that since that night over a month ago, we have not had sex indoors once. She now says that she prefers to be fucked outdoors and loves the thrill and excitement of it.

We have just had a very “busy” weekend which resulted in us being spotted and watched whilst outdoors. If anyone would like to hear more then leave a comment.