Written by West_mids_male

18 Jan 2008

Working in an office of 300 people there are plenty of women around for me to admire. At 25 i have always had a thing for the older lady and i always check them out as they wonder round the office in there tight skirts and general office attire.

Myself and K got on well and spoke quite a lot by e-mail, txt and when we bumped into each other around the office, K is 40, 5'8, slim with 36E's and legs to die for! As the chatting progressed over the months it got more and more flirty, one evening on a night out with friends i bumped into her in a local club. We had both had a few drinks and we ended up having a bit of snog and a bit of a grope. After that night happened it never seemed to be mentioned until recently.

On a dull Friday i was sitting at my desk working away when i recieved a txt from K sayin "hi, how r u? im off work n horny as hell"....after much flirting and the usual banter i received a picture message of her in nothin but a thong and her bra with the question "Fancy fuckin me this afternoon?". Obviously my repsonse was yes and i made my excuses at work and left early and headed for K's house!

I arrived at K's and knocked the door to be met with her in a tight low cut vest top and very tight jeans showing off every curve of her lovely arse & tits! As the door shut behind me she dived on me and we started to kiss and she led me to her bedroom! Once we were in the bedroom clothes were off so quick and we were face to face completely naked and slowly kissed exploring each other bodies with our hands, her skin was so soft and her beautiful tits hung there with her big nipples just crying out to b sucked!

Before i knew wat had happened i was pushed bk onto the bed and she kissed me and worked her way south, she started to lick & suck my balls and worked her way up my shaft and finally after seemed hours she took me into her mouth and my god she cud suck cock, i wanted to explode there and then and she sucked my cock slow and deep always looking directly into my eyes (which i love). After a while of this we got into a 69 and i finally got to taste her sweet pussy which i licked and tongue fucked

until she demanded that i fuck her! As i altered myself to get ready to fuck her willing pussy she reached into a draw and pulled out her vibe! before i knew wat was happening she switched it on and worked it slowly into her ass then opened her legs wide and demanded i fuck her hard! I rubbed my cock along her sweet pussy and then buried my full 7" straight into her pussy and fucked her like mad! as i fucked her like made she was moaning and groaning and with one big groan she started to cum over and over.....this put me over the edge and i buried my load deep insdie her!

this only happened a few days ago and i hope to do it many many times....ive already had an invite to join her and her friend!!

Cant wait!!