Written by Antonia

6 Feb 2010

We all get to work early. Before 8am , so we can leave early basically, anyway sat on my chair the hem of the dress was about 4 inches long and if I didn’t cross my legs you could see my thigh flesh.

Omg my heart was thumping and it was only 8.30am.

At 9am we all had to go to a meeting room to hear about our future, there must have been 20 people in the room and I sat at the back facing across the room instead of forwards with Rob sat in a similar chair across the room. The chairs being in an arc.

My phone is always on silent but it does light up when I get a txt. The txt was from Rob which read. Your legs are to die for!

I replied, thanks and they are stockings! He replied “show me”

Swapping my left leg over right for right over left and scratching my heel it should have shown him my right thigh. Before swapping them back.

Dare you to Sharon Stone me!

I sniggered, then uncrossing my legs and facing him, I tilted my left knee out and then a slow exaggerated crossing of my legs by my right leg, before swiveling back to the right.

No one else could see except Rob but it made my heart race so much.

Rob txted “wow better than SS”! I replied “keep it to yourself”!

Luckily the meeting was over, and we all went back to our desks.

Rob said Toni be a hunny and get us all a drink from the machine, there was now six of us in the office inc Nikky and Sue, who were giving each other eyebrow gestures.

Having never worn the dress before I noticed it had creased across my tummy and was now very static clinging to my legs and lost its shape in the crotch area. It also was riding up when I walked as when I sat down and looked down I could nearly see my nix, so I had to stand and pull the hem down.

I then got a another txt from Steve. Bet Rob and Stuart are loveing the dress, dare you to show Phil your panties… I replied No way and love you too. im very horny. ..Go on make his day.

Five mins or so later I had actually had a problem on a spreadsheet with a formula, so I said to Phil could he explain what ive done wrong.

He came over and took a couple of mins to check a couple of things and added a couple of some-things and it worked again, and just as he was about to return to his desk I pushed my chair out from under the desk allowing him to see my thighs and possibly my knickers under the hem. Thanks I said, no problem he replied. He only went and stood the other side of my desk and continued talking whilst clearly able to see up my dress. I could feel my cheeks flushing so I slowly peddled my chair back under my desk. Omg he’s more of a perv than I thought. Bet he will be thinking of me whilst he’s home alone I mused.

I know it is possible for me to orgasm by standing and crossing my legs tightly. So I had to stand a bit open legged I was so turned on.

My lightweight black mesh nix were slowly being devoured by my wet puffy pussy, I was going to have to take myself off somewhere and soon.

It was nearly mid-day and luckily 3are smokers and Phil lunches early which left Rob and I together. Rob asked if I could lend him a hand. Normally id sit next to him but not in that dress I couldn’t so I stood. He had deliberated minimized the document, he always has about 3 open together . About earlier he said, that was really sexy, I’ve thought of nothing else, how about lunch he enquired. I didn’t answer and just closed my eyes as his hand went from inner thigh tights to skin and his thumb pressed into my soft wet mass of nerve endings. Two fingers went up the side of my bum and into the pants and as I leant further forwards both fingers went straight up my fanny. Not HERE I nearly shouted. I could see his large irises. We both needed sex and now.

I went to the loo and got my coat and walked down to the industrial estate and Rob followed 10 mins later in his car. We parked up at the dead end and chatted for a couple of mins, before Rob said that this morning was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen, and could he see my pussy again! I felt like a wanton hussy having fun with my ex but he was my ex and he’s seen it before. His hand was already playing with my face, hair, and cupping my boob, I actually lowered the passenger chair back myself. If I say so myself, my pussy always smells sweet and fresh, so im not embarrassed when someone gives me oral pleasure. Pulling my dress up beyond my bum as Rob took my tiny wet nix off, wow he says as he eyes my pussy and shaven mound. I put my hands under my bum and offer my pussy for his mouth and tongue. I cant describe how much I needed this, then he fingered me slowly then fast, I came three magical times. Rob then got his hard cock out for me to suck on, perhaps he was close anyway but he soon came and I swallowed his manly seed. To say I wasn’t fit for work at 2pm was an understatement so I phoned into Jenny and declared myself sick.

Steve was already at the flat with the neighbour Sebastian who both seemed to be taking a break from fitting two cabinets that ive wanted up for a while.

You are home early sweetpea he said, you did wear the dress then. Obviously I replied. Show Seb Steve replied. Are you drunk I replied. Well Seb and I did have a couple.

Heading off upstairs to change Steve followed and shoved his hand up my coat and dress and nearly got my pussy, but I shrieked and ran the last couple of steps. They both went into the back bedroom and I went into our room. Taking off my coat , boots, and suspender tights. The bedroom door opened with me sat on the end of the bed. Steve said can you show us where exactly you want it. My turn to raise an eyebrow and smile.

Going into the rear bedroom Seb was on some steps and there was a chair, Steve asked me to hold the tape and spirit level whilst he lifted and put the first screw in. He lifted alright, but not the cabinet, my dress .Right up above my waist showing Seb the neighbour my pride and joy. You randy cow Steve said where are your knickers, and why are you so wet and you’ve shaved. Running into the back bedroom and slamming the door I replied its been so long since you looked, I shaved a month ago, and have kept it so since. Seb said he’d better leave and Steve threw me on the bed and screwed me hard and fast. Saying who did you fuck you little tart. Actually no one I replied.

Seb is a quiet man and I must admit I have fancied him, but he lives with his girlfriend. Steve shouted to Seb who actually hadn’t left and was still in the back bedroom. Fancy sloopy seconds! Cheeky bastard I said to Steve… Is it ok with the lady? He enquired. Peering into the bedroom with me naked from the waist down. Don’t be daft I replied, please do me the honour, which he did and what a slow sensuous missionary fuck he gave me.

So never underestimate the £10 dress or the quiet neighbour or your ex or your boyfriend. Basically anyman will want you in a little grey dress.