Written by Leonard

5 Feb 2008

A rare visit to Studlabd last summer. Lisa is best described as a reluctant nudist, takes ages to get naked, and is always afraid of others passing nearby. About 1-ish, while we were reading, a tall, mature well-built man, late fifties, sporting a grey \\\'full set\\\' stopped by. \\\'Hello...nice day, always good to see folk relaxing in the sun - are you local?\\\' The conversation moved anmicably on, and before we knew it, he had sat down the other side of Lisa. The first thing I noticed, being a naturist beach, was his unashamed nakedness. He sported a good cock, flaccid, resting on a pair of shaved balls. As we sat and chatted, he rested on his left shoulder and side; his generous tool hung down over his left thigh, barely a foot from Lisa\\\'s right breast.

\\\'I do hope you don\\\'t mind me saying so, but your wife has a lovely body!. She blushed, then made the mistake of saying that he was in good shape, too. \\\'You really think so, my dear?\\\' I noticed a slight movement of his cock. \\\'Perhaps its\\\' being so close to gorgeous ladies like yourself...keeps a man fit!\\\' His eyes wre firmly fixed on her tits, the nipples of which were visibly hardening...and his cock gave another twitch, lifting slightly off his thigh. Ahaa, so sexual chemistry afoot! At this point my own desire to see Lisa appreciated openly by another guy, especially a \\\'gentleman\\\', encouraged me to say \\\'Lisa, darling...why don\\\'t you let our friend here sample the delights of your superb body...it would be greedy of me to keep you all to myself!\\\' For a few moments, she looked a little nonplussed - was I offering her body to a stranger? What sort of husband is that? But my hand was already stroking her left thigh, and a kiss planted on her shoulder seemed to do the trick. \\\'Yes, that would be nice....\\\' she said, for the first time directing a smile at the stranger.

He took her left breast, gently moulding and massaging, lightly pinching the hard brown nipple. His cock awakened, lifting to the horizontal; Lisa pretended not to notice, but it\\\'s light purple tip was barely inches from her breast, so close that a slight movement of his body placed his helmet on that very nipple, transferring a minute bead of pre-cum on it.

\\\'Look, guys, I\\\'m dying for a swim...I\\\'ll leave you two to get better acquainted - back soon!\\\' - and so saying, left our refuge in the dunes to head down the beach for a long dip - but not before I had set the videocam running, hidden under a towel!

When I got back, they were laying close together; his cock was soft but very red, the foreskin back; Lisa gave the game away, too, as a small skien of sperm had lodged in her trimmed pubic hair...so they had fucked!!

The bearded man, gentleman that he was, stayed a little longer before excusing himself, thanking us bothfor our frienfdly generosity.

\\\'Just how generous were you, lover?\\\' I asked.

\\\'Oh, he was very well behaved, darling....\\\'

I picked out the videocam, and played it back. A look of horror on Lisa\\\'s face...\\\'Don\\\'t worry, my love, I\\\'m just glad you enjoyed a little fun...\\\' and gave her a really passionate kiss, and, well, if the truth were known, right there on Studland beach, another good fuck. I say another: When we viewed the video, it showed our friend using both his hands to pleasure Lisa\\\'s tits, her belly, then down to her cunt...she clearly takes his hard cock, wanks it viusly before bending forward and taking it in her mouth...then passionate kissing, before he spreads her legs, and enters her, missionary position.....accoding to the timer on the video, he fucks her solidly for 10 minutes before she arches her back, moves her head from side to side, then subsides...then he throws his head back, pauses, then climaxes with a series of violent shudders, before lowering himself back on her, smothering her with passionate kisses.

She then seems to lean over and start sucking his cock again, before laying back, still gently stroking his softening tool and balls. Only when they hear me returning do they disengage.

For me it was great...Lisa is reluctant to admit how much she enjoyed it,but now says that a three-sum on the beach could be fun....so if you see us at Studland this summer, come and take your chances...seems we\\\'re now both up for it!