Written by redfastlad

7 Mar 2010

well ive posted true stories on here before but im so hyped up i need to tell someone of my latest exploits. We have friends who come for the weekend and stay from time to time and we always have a good time this weekend we had the girls off shopping and us two guys doing our thing, on the first day i nipped into the guest bedroom and had a quick rumage thro joans overnight bag but all i found was 3 clean pairs of panties!! bugger no used ones. Joan is a very fit 62yr old married lady who has just slimmed down to a size 10 and 34c boobs i checked her bras? well we all had a meal Saturday evening followed by a couple of hours of wii fit and games etc then off to bed. Next morning i had to change some light bulbs on the landing and as i was doing it Joan went into the loo and had a pee i could hear it and wow i was getting hard and the thought of asking if she was ok passed my mind but the house was too busy and people we in hear shot bugger.

anyhow after we all had breakfast Joan asked if she could use the shower in our en suite, i had jobs to do and Brian was reading the Sunday papers, i had booked a table for lunch in the local pub and about 11-30 i went upstairs to start getting ready to go out, i nipped into Joans bedroom and wow yes in her bag right on top were her black panties fresh off her pussy mmmmmmmmmmmm i grabbed them ran into my bathroom and sniffed them oh yes fresh juicey pussy smells mmm i sniffed and wanked my mind was racing should i spunk in them or should i not, well inside a minute i was comming fastest ive ever cum in my life i chickend out and shot my load into the wash basin wow that was incredable never had a wank like it i then pulled some cum from the sink and placed a finger full in her gusset as a memento hope she finds it and thinks where did that come from? sniffing used panties is a harmless fetish and no one gets hurt but wow give you an high like uve never known try it sometime its good.