Written by Lucky Janet

19 Aug 2008

Having met Mark (tall, black, handsome) on my first day of jury service we had been fucking each other silly. I would go to his for ‘breakfast’ before court and for ‘dinner’ after being dismissed by the judge. Hubby suspected nothing (as far as I was aware) and he had moved onto night shifts as the weekend approached. However, by the end of the week Mark & I were on different cases and didn’t see much of each other during the day. I was like a lovelorn teenager without his presence, and it just gave our evening fuck sessions more intensity. I was totally his and he knew it.

His ex girlfriend was due in from the US on Sunday morning and he was going to collect her from the airport. In bed after jury service on Friday afternoon he told me that she (Laura) was going to stay at the flat with him. Being a one bedroom flat I immediately knew what this meant, but realised that I would have to accept it if I was to hang on to him. Nevertheless I challenged him about it. “You’ll just have to make sure that you remain my favourite” he had said. I was determined to show him what he would miss if he chose her instead of me and I slid down to suck his cock once more. This developed into another fuckfest, culminating in him butt fucking me and emptying his balls into my gaping arse. I was never a great fan of anal, but now I was hooked. I even sucked his cock afterwards to show my ability to be his total cum slut and he soon came back to life and fucked my face before he blew his load into my mouth. I held his cum in my mouth as he lay down beside me and instead of swallowing I dribbled his cum from my mouth along his torso down to his flaccid cock before taking him in my mouth once more, then proceeded to lick his cum from his torso until I reached his beautiful mouth.

“Tell me there’s no way she is going to fuck you like I do” I demanded as I nibbled his mouth.

“There is no way she could out fuck you, my lovely slut” he replied. I took that as a compliment and nestled in to him. “in fact, she’ll probably prefer you to me – that was always our problem” he continued.

This was news. He told me that she was bi and that in the past she had tried to bring girlfriends into their relationship. Despite being most men’s fantasy, he had had a problem with the fact that she was selecting others over him. “I would have been fine with it if I had got to choose” he told me.

The penny dropped. I was to be his bait to get her back on her coming visit. I had had no previous girl on girl experience but I was in this too deep to let go. I knew that I would do ANYTHING to keep my relationship with him going.

He knew it too, and he was out to prove it.

But more on that later....