Written by Andy

15 Sep 2012

For those of you have read the previous tales about my wife Helen and her encounters at massage parlours , or Turkish Hamams as they are known as, i thought I would relate our experiences this year in Gumbet, Turkey where we have just spent a fortnight.

As previously related, two years ago my wife Helen and her friend spent a week in Gumbet, during which Helen had two massages. On both occasions she was fucked by two young Turks.

This year, she booked a Turkish bath/massage at the same place that she went to. It is called The Queens Hamam and if asked, they will provide a "special"

Any way, on the first Sunday we were there, she went off on her own for her "special" and this is the story she related to me.

Upon arrival she changed into her bikini, I should remind readers that although in her 50's she is very attractive, has large boobs and very soft skin.After having had a 15 minute sauna and then a dip in the ice cold plunge pool, she was led into the Turkish bath room which consisted of a round, low lever slab of marble and several marble sinks filled full of ice cold water. The First guy there told her to take off her bikini and gave her a large towel to wrap herself in. She was then told to lie face down on the marble and he begab to scrub her legs with a cloth mitt covered in warm water and a salt mixture. When he got to the top of he legs he just pulled off the towel and she was lying naked in front of him. He moved up her body paying a lot of attention to her bum and inner thighs and at times rubbed between her butt cheeks and the outside of her pussy. As he moved up to her back and shoulders, he placed his free hand firmly between her legs and had a good feel. After he had finished her back he told her to role over which of course she did.

He then started at her feet and legs slowly working his way up. This time when he got to her pussy, he rubbed her clit and pussy lips with the mit until she was tingling and then moved up to her bib breasts. He spent a lot of time rubbing and squeezing them whilst at the same time he was playing with her pussy, eventually slipping a couple of fingers inside. He continued to rub and squueeze her tits and play with her pussy untill she had an orgasm. After washing her down with cold water he then left the room.

A few minutes later another young Turk entered. It was his job to give a soap rub down. He indicated for Helen to lie on her front and he started to soap the back of her body.After she was well soaped he started to slowly rub the soap into her skin. When he got to her bum he spent a lot of time soaping and rubbing it, especialy between her but cheeks Helen said that at one point he slipped a soapy finger into her arse and made her come. She was then rolled over and he began to soap her front. Again when he came to her pussy he spent a lot of time soaping it and her inner thighs (which she loves) and as he moved up to her tits he asked her if she was enjoying it which of course she said she was. When he came to her big tits he spent ages soaping, squeezing and rubbing them and pulling on her nipples. At one point he had two fingers inside her pussy whilst his other hand was playing with her tits. Helen said she could feel his hard cock brushing against he face and body and she came again. She was then rinsed down again, given her towel back and led into the private massage room.

There she was again instructed to lie face down by a third young guy who straight away pulled off her towel. He bagan to give her a slow oil massage starting at her feet and slowly worked his way up. When he got to her bum he poured lots of oil on her her and massaged it deep into her arse and cheeks. He then went to the front of the table and started on ger shoulders and back. Helen could feel his hard cock pressing against her face and head but before she could do anything, he returned to the foot of the table and without saying anything climbed up between her legs and pushed his hard cock deep into her arse. He fucked her very hard for about five minutes until she came amd then withdrew.

Helen was then rolled onto her front and he began to oil and massage her again. When he got to her pussy he spent a long time oiling it and rubbed her clit until she was squirming and moaning. He then moved to her tits and again spent ages oiling and rubbing and squeezing her nipples. He then again got on the table between her legs and in one swift movement pushed her legs apart and backwards so that she was completely exposed and slid his cock into her very wet pussy. He then proceeded to fuck her for a long time making her come again. He carried on fucking her and then asked if he could come inside her (he was wearing a condom) Helen nodded and he then fucked her very fast and hard until he came as well.

After that she was led to a shower, showered down and returned to our hotel room feeling very satisfied and horny.

We both agreed that she should have at least another massage (3 more to be exact) but I will relate them in part 2