Written by Close2u

16 Dec 2016

As we got back to the hotel room we started to kissed and slowly get undressed.

Now laid on the bed I was kneeling over him sucking his nipples and pinching them hard, he was now finger fucking my pussy which was becoming increasingly wet.

The sexual tension had always been there between us, but I never expected that he would turn me on like this.

I bent down on all fours over him and took his now hard cock in my mouth, he repaid this move by pushing his fingers into my ass.

I love anal and he knew this would make me horney as hell.

We both enjoy the build up so I worked expertly between his cock and nipples while he thrust his fingered in and out of my pussy and ass.

The pressure was now building inside me, i moved and sat astride his face thrusting my swollen clit into his mouth, he flicked his tongue so quickly I groaned loudly I got close to coming and stopped, I didn't want to come yet (I was enjoying myself too much) i climbed down from his face and pushed my soaking pussy down onto his huge penis, I had never been so full of cock before, he was huge!!!!

I moved quickly riding him like a favourite at Aintree, stopping a hand full of times to switch between fucking his face and his thick cock, he was getting turned on by me using him in this way.

He grew even harder when I sat astride him reverse cowgirl so that he could see his massive cock being buried inside my pussy but it was my pert, tight arse he wanted and I made sure he had full view of what was on offer.

I was now soaking wet and knew I was ready for what I really wanted, I got on all fours as he kneeled behind me, at 6" and stocky I knew this gorgeous man was pure dirt, I was ready and wanting.

I parted my arse cheeks ready to receive him, I was nervous as he entered me but he knew his way around a woman's body I was already feeling the effects and was now desperate to come, I could feel his penis pushing into me stretching my arse, I started to groan with pleasure as he moved slowly at first teasing my arse with his thick cock, I began to relax and enjoy being fucked by him, it felt so dirty I loved it. He started to move quicker as we both grew with urgency and he held the headboard as he buried his cock in my arse down to the hilt, he was balls deep.

His speed increased and as my orgasm started to explode through my whole body I could feel my pussy gushing with the most intense orgasm I had ever felt, my legs were now shaking violently with the intensity and becoming soaking wet and i didn't think it would ever end, I could feel the come squirting out of me soaking the bed beneath, this was a first for me I had never squirted before!

when I had finally finished he pulled out of me laid on his back and finished off wanking with me kissing and sucking his nipples and neck, his come squirting all over his legs.

We were both spent for now, but I defiantly want more.....