Written by Bunky_jane

3 Oct 2009

I guess I must be lucky, as I\'ve met some really nice guys through this site and have enjoyed playing naughty with a few of them. \"M\" is one guy whom I have now met a couple of times and I think he will agree with me, when I say we have enjoyed playing with each other. When we first meet it is nice to have a glass of wine, chat and relax in the lounge, so nice to look at each other whilst we are chatting just knowing that later we will be fucking like rabbits, kinda builds up the excitement. This particular evening we had had a couple of glasses of wine and were sitting on the sofa when we started to kiss and caress each other I guess we were both feeling as horny as hell and didn\'t have the time to make it upstairs to bed! Mmm, I couldn\'t wait to get his cock out and taste it, we were both fully dressed but I had undone \"M\"s trousers and had his cock out all hard and just waiting for my lips and mouth, what girl could refuse? Now like I\'ve said before I just love sucking cock and believe you me if ever a cock deserved a good sucking this one did, I got on my knees in front of \"M\" and took that juicy cock into my mouth. Mmmm, it tasted good and felt good as I sucked and licked and flicked my tongue, feeling that hardness in my mouth knowing I had control. I find it such a turn on as I continue to lick and suck, like sucking the cool sweet juice from an iced popsicle, to get the good taste you need to suck and lick hard. This is a real turn on for me too, I can feel my panties getting wet and my pussy juices start to flow, I feel so horny sucking that cock knowing that later it will be pounding my pussy. We slowly slip onto the floor of the lounge, I continue to suck and with \"M\"s help we pull his trousers and pants off, now this is a bit awkward but no way do I wanna let that hard juicy cock out of my mouth! \"M\" pulls my panties down and starts to finger my wet juicy pussy whilst I continue to suck his stiff, hard cock, mmm, this is really turning me on, feeling his fingers exploring my pussy making me so wet as more pussy juices flow. Then he hits the magic spot, as I continue to suck him I can feel the ecstasy in me build as pussy begins to gush, the feeling is intense pleasure as I feel my cum juices gush and gush as \"M\" continues to milk my pussy with his clever fingers. The lounge carpet is feeling wet underneath as \"M\" decides it is time to give my pussy a good hard pounding. With me laying on my back I spread my legs and lift my stocking clad legs onto his shoulders as he loads his rock hard weapon into my now dripping pussy. Mmm, the feeling when that cock first pushes it\'s way into your pussy, as they say the first stroke always feels so intense, I just know \"M\" is gonna give me a real hard pounding for being so naughty and wetting the carpet with my pussy cum! Oh boy he does not disappoint as he fucks me hard and fast pounding my pussy pushing his every inch into me, filling my pussy up with his hard cock, relentlessly pounding me knowing I want it as much as him, feeling him fuck me so hard that it hurts but in a good and horny way! Now as I have been so naughty with my mouth, \"M\" says I have to finish him off by taking his cum juices in my mouth, he pulls his cock out of pussy and I hungrily lick and suck him tasting my pussy juices on his cock as he starts to cum, swallowing his cum as he shoots hard in my mouth, still sucking and licking swallowing every last drop, after all it is what I have worked so hard for and for making me gush so hard, he deserved to be sucked to completion.

So \"M\" you are clever making me gush so hard, probably only the second guy to find that magic button and I so look forward to having you find it again!!

P.S. the lounge carpet still feels a bit damp!