Written by cumalot

19 Mar 2008

Let me share with you all my recent encounter with a horny 40 yr old I have been fucking recently. A complete true story. Ok ,i\'m 26 yrs old and i recently joined a gym to get fit and have been going every day. In the gym, I got to know a female in the name of y, she is a director of a publishing company. She is size 12, blonde , nice big tits 34d and has such a sexy body with long legs. as we got to know we other, she has explained , her husband spends most of his time travelling overseas on business and the gym is something that gets her away from boredom. Anyway, we got really well. One day , i was in the jazussi, enjoying the warm bubbles after a long work out and suddenly she appeared in her sexy swim sat next to me. Wow, i had never seen her in her swim suit, she looked some sexy, i immediately started to get a hard on, imaging me playing with her. The bubbles were carrasing her lovely tits and i could see her nipples getting harder. She caught me looking at them and juts smiled and slowly put her hand on my cock and rubbed it. She then just looked at me and whispered\' hmm that\'s nice\' and continued to wank me. I was so hard and I then moved my hand on her thighs and slowly moved it up near her pussy and then she guided my finger in her pussy. I could see her enjoy me fingering her. After a while, another guy arrived and we quickly stopped and she said follow me. She stood up and walked towards the steam room. I was still hard, so had to wait till i became a bit soft. Quickly I entered the steam room and it was very steamy and just me and y. She quickly took my cock out and started to suck it very hard and along the whole shaft. I then, moved her bikini to my side and fingered her and then started to suck her nipples. She was moaning in pleasure, she then sat on my lap and i entered her and she rode me like a bitch and within minutes we both came together. We quickly looked decent and left for round 2.

I went around her house, and as soon as i entered, we stripped off and went upstairs and fucked each other for hours.

Now we calls me, and after our gym sessions , we enjoy hours of sex. She ties me up, blindfolds me and basically fucks me as she wants. A complete nympho. She enjoys taking control and at times asks me to tie her up, spank her and then fuck her in all positions. She is making up for lost years. She has also bought me expensive presents and enjoys taking me to bars, restaurants and we have been on holiday.