Written by Sara

4 Jun 2015

I go the gym a lot, four times a week at least, I like to keep my body tones and firm tits. I am in good shape for a forty two year old, size 10, 36d2435. Anyway, two weeks ago there was a bit if a party at the gym celebrating the fifth year of opening. I went, my husband was away on business and told me to enjoy myself; he likes me to get laid by other guys. I dressed in a short, low cut front and back sky blue dress, hold up stockings and sky blue 4" heals; no underwear it was not possible in that dress!

I got there about 8.30pm the taxi driver hardly keeping his eyes off my legs. As I got out of the front seat I made sure he had a good view of my newly waxed pussy.

I went into the club and into the bar, there we reloads of people already there, and as I walked to the bar I had a lot of admiring glances and stares from the girls and the guys. I ordered a large vodka and tonic and at the same time found Matt and Stevie had joined me and offered to pay for my drink. Matt and Stevie are both black late twenties and well into body building and always look amazingly sexy and hot, the three if us have often flirted and been suggestive, but their girlfriend were usually around. However, they told me that their girlfriends were both doing other stuff that night and they were single and available, as Stevie put it. We flirted as usual Stevie had his arm round me gently stroking my arse, Matt was admiring my tits telling me it was a shame to see them covered. Stevie then said you are commando aren't you? You dirty girl! And started really groping my arse, another large vodka and another, By this time we found a table opposite the pond, outside, with a guy either side of me; Stevie with his hand getting higher up my leg and Matt openly stroking my tits through my dress. Matt said they both thought I was the sexiest female in the club and really fancied me, and Stevie, who was always the cruder of the two, said we laid bets that you would be a real slut fuck. I giggled and said why thank you, I think! And by now Stevie had found my very wet pussy and my clit and was rubbing me hard, she is fucking soaking Matt, he said quite loudly. Matt had his hand inside the dress and groping me telling Stevie my nipples were rock hard, I could hardly speak as Stevie was bringing me to an orgasm, I had to pull Matt over to kiss him so as not to scream.

Matt said the Stevie you right mate she is up for it, what a sexy slut we got tonight. I felt both guys, they were both hard and felt massive. I said I need to the loo. I left them, in the loo tidied myself and go my self together thinking I was going to be well used tonight, I adore black men and black cock, so much preferable to white. I left the loo and they were both waiting for me and led me to a squash court, shut the door and they were all over me, my dress was off and I was on my knees being face fucked by each of them one after another, then told to bend over and Matt entered me balls deep in two thrusts and he was massive and thick as was Stevie, Matt took my breath away and then started fucking me hard Stevie with his cock in my mouth face fucking me, they both drilled me, as Matt put it really hard I was abused like fuck me being called a real white slut and whore, they pounded and then after about twenty minutes both came inside me, I swallowed most of Stevie's cum and Matt filled my pussy. We got our clothes together, and heard some clapping, looked up and saw Lenny their mate clapping clearly having watched.

We went to the bar, and Lenny joined us, Lenny was slightly younger but similar build to Matt and Stevie, and of course black. He said he felt very left out and Stevie said not to worry mate we have this slut and her cunt all night, plenty more. Stevie had his hand on my arse up my dress, and Lenny gave me a very passionate French kiss and groped my tits at the same time. We had another couple of drinks and Matt called a taxi and we left about 10.30pm and were at my house fifteen minutes later, being undressed in the taxi and giving Lenny some deep throat. The taxi driver made some comment about whose girlfriend was I and Stevie said none of us, she is just a white whore who loves black.

Once in the house I was fully stripped except for stockings and heels and laid on the settee whilst Lenny licked my fanny and Stevie played with my tits. Matt went and found the drinks and brought in bottle of vodka and a unopened bottle of sparkling wine. He said to Lenny fuck the white cunt she is gagging she only has a white wimp to service her at home. At that Lenny stood pulled both my legs over his shoulders and put his huge thick black cock inside me and fucked me like I was fuck meat, really hard and really aggressive I was cumming and cumming. Then he stopped and told me to ride him, he lay on the floor and eased myself onto his cock and started to ride him, with him pinching my nipples very hard. I felt myself being pushed forward, I knew it was Stevie as Matt was standing in front of me wanking; Stevie's then started to finger my arse, using some of the cum in my fanny to lubricate my hole then I felt his cock at the entrance of my arse, edging slowly inside me, telling me that I had a tight arse, you will love this you slut, once fully inside he started to fuck my arse, with Lenny underneath thrusting upwards. Then Matt got hold of my hair tightly and pulled my face up and told me to take his cock in my mouth, as he started to face fuck me he was shouting you white bitch you suck like a whore, this fucking went on for a long time, they changed places, once I had Stevie and Matt inside my fanny at the same time. Each change they used their belt on my arse, they found some clothes pegs and put them onto my nipples, they were biting my tits and neck, they called me names and took photos on their phone. At one point Lenny fisted my fanny and made me lick the cum of his hand then they all has me again coming in my arse, fanny and mouth. It was about 3am when they left promising that they would have me again and I was their fuck bitch.

I went to bed, slept until late morning and ran a bath. I looked in the mirror, I had cum in my hair, over my face and tits, really sore nipples love bites on my tits, neck am just above my fanny and my arse was red due to the belting, I had a long bath, got dressed in a summer dress and flip flops, had some orange juice and laid on the garden lounger. At about 5pm the door bell went I answered and it was Stevie and Lenny; Matts girlfriend is back but Lenny doesn't have one and mine is away until Sunday night, so we thought we would come and use you. They came in and Stevie stayed until Sunday mid afternoon and Lenny until Monday morning. Since then I have seen the three guys twice. They greet me like a slut at the club and a few of their mates at the club look at me and smile, they obviously know what happened. Stevie said I should expect lots of the black guys wanting my cunt.