Written by cumalot

20 Mar 2008

let me tell you wot happened last night...

i got a text from y, to tell me that she will away for the weekend and fancied some sex b4, as her husband wdn\\\\\\\'t be doing much to her..

so instead of going to the gym, she booked a local hotel and we , firstly met in a posh wine bar and had a bottle of white between us .She had a very short tight skirt, a white top with her tits popping out and smelled really nice. She could not wait to finish it and grabbed me to the hotel. By this time i was feeling very horny.

In the room, i held her and quickly rapped my tongue down her throat and started to fondle her tits. she was moaning and started to rub my cock. I took off her clothes and she was wearing the tiniest red tong and bra . they came off immediately and i moved her on the bed. I slowly started to kiss her nick, moving toward her hard nipples, spent sucking and biting them, then moved towards her stomach, inner thigh and eventually towards her wet pussy. i could smell the juices and she yelled lick me !! i then then slowly with my tip of mytongue started to flicker the top end of her wet pussy and she loved it.. i increased the speed and started to finger her and lick her whole pussy. this went on for about 10mins and suddenly i felt her body tremble and she shouted \\\\\\\' i\\\\\\\'m coming\\\\\\\' and then i felt her juices released on my tongue. they tasted so nice.

i bent her over and started to finger her arse hole and also started to lick it. she loves that. i then put some ky in her to and then , with my hard cock throbbing , jerked it in her while she was bent over. she cried\\\\\\\' oh that\\\\\\\'s nice, fuck me hard\\\\\\\' . i started to ramp her with all my strength, fucking her harder and harder. i held both her hips and rammed her until i could not hold any longer and shot all my load into her. i moved my cock out and, turned her around and put my hard cock still with cum all over it into her mouth. She started to suck it off, as she had not tasted cock b4. She cleaned me up and that this time started to make cock harder again. She then went down on my balls , licking them , while she laid me on the bed with my back on the mattress. She then took out the handcuffs, tied me up and said that\\\\\\\' i\\\\\\\'m all hers and she will do and fuck me as she wants\\\\\\\'. She then took total control, kissed, scratched , licked all my body, sucked my cock, and then she guided her wet pussy on my cock and rode me like a bitch. She get on shouting\\\\\\\' you are mine and love fucking you\\\\\\\'. She rode me for a good 20 mins while i licked her nipples and we both came together. She kept me tied up for most of the evening and we fucked each other another 2 times.

Afterwards we had a shower together, she got dressed and left.

I Can\\\\\\\'t till she gets back