Written by BigM

6 Apr 2018

I have been reading these stories for a few years now and to be honest just something to get me off. I never had anything to write about until yesterday and I needed to tell someone.

I am 48 separates and have been seeing this lady who is great and has been very patient with me as I have Diabetes and have problems getting an erection. About a week ago I went to pick her up from a family dinner at her sisters house and the plan was to meet some of her family. I walked in and the first thing I saw was Kerry a stunning dark haired girl with the best tits I have ever saw. It turned out to be my girlfriends niece she was a little overweight but I like that in a women. We all got on really well and after a few hours Kerry was very friendly and when she had cane back from the bathroom there was nowhere for her to sit. It’s ok she said I will just sit on Dave’s lap and she did. Well fuck me and my erectyle disfunction. I was getting so hard I was fighting not to poke the poor girl in the arse with it. We chatted and I felt a little flirting going on and she said she had just got the keys to a new flat and would I be able to do a few things as my girlfriend told her I was good at DIY. I agreeed and we exchanged numbers.

Later that week Kerry called and asked me if I was free to call round and hang a few pictures and build a bit of flatpack.

I arrived about 11am and was met by Kerry wearing and short armless white top and a pair of hockey shorts. I stated with the flat pack and then stated to put up the shelf and asked Kerry to pass me some screws from my toolbox. As she bent over I could see those young massive tits hanging and I could feel my cock getting some blood in it. As she turned back to me she caught me looking and just smiled and looked down at her tits. She passed me the screws and I asked her to hold the end of the shelf. She giggled and said anything else I can hold for you. I said nothing and then she said I felt it sticking into me last week you know. I am so sorry for that Kerry but we all had a drink and you are half my age. Does that mean you don’t fancy me then she said. Quite the opposite I said, I think you fucking gorgeous but I am dating you Aunt Sarah. That’s a pity she said because I would love you to fuck me. We just smiled at each other and I finished off the shelf. We said nothing else about our conversation and as I left she hugged me and kissed me on the cheek and whispered, I really meant what I said and she doesn’t matter.

I headed off home and when I just got home I remembered I had left my drill behind and needed it for the next day. I rang Kerry and asked could I call and collect it. She said it wasn’t a problem and jokingly said I knew you would want to come back. Once off the phone I thought fuck it, it’s not everyday you get an offer from a 25 year old wanting to fuck you so I reached into the glovebox and grabbed a packed of my viagra and took two 50mg my maximum dose and then thought if this is a once in a lifetime thing I am going to going to remember it and took one more.

I arrived at Kerry’s door and she was still wearing the top and shorts. She invited me in and closed the door. We said nothing looked at each other and suddenly we were kissing passionately. Those young lips were amazing and her young skills had me a stiff as a rock in seconds. I had my hands all over her but was reluctant to grab those amazing tits I was saving it. I slid my had inside her little hockey shorts and was met with the most wet pussy I have ever had. She was smooth and this made my cock even stiffer. As I slid my finger in and out of her she whispered I hear you are amazing at giving oral. I froze and said sorry what are you saying. It’s ok she said. I asked aunt Sarah when we were drunk if you were good in bed. Omg what did she say. She says you give the best Oral and you can make her cum with your tongue. Will you make me cum Dave I want you so bad. She took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom and sat on the bed and took my stiff cock in her hand and started to wank me slowly and with loads of eye contact which is a massive turn on. After a few minutes she wrapped her mouth around my cock and I could feel her lick every inch of it. Tell me what you like Dave. Lick my balls Kerry I love it. With that she lifted my shat to the side and started to lick my balls put each one in her mouth and then the other and every time looking up at me and giving a little wink. I wanted to cum all over her face but I wanted to save it so I lay her on her back and revived her shorts. I kissed her deep and she whispered will you make me cum now.

I slide down to her amazing pussy. It’s what I call a burger Bap pussy lovely full lips and dripping with her juices . I started to do me bit and with minutes she started to move her hips up and down on my face and was moaning like mad and then she screamed that she was cumming and her thighs clasped around my head and I forced my tongue deep inside her to be met with her cum which tasted so sweet. For the next few minutes I cleaned her out and swallowed every bit of her pussy juice.

I really needed to fuck her and asked her if it was ok to fuck her with nothing on. She said she wanted my raw cockninside her but not to cum in her. I agreed and wanted to see her young face as I entered her and I got onto her and kissed her deeply and then sat up and lifted her legs up and looked as my stiff cock slid deep inside her young pussy. She closed her eyes and asked me to fuck her slow. I fucked her in various positions all slowly and deep. She the. Asked me to get on my back and she stood up on the bed and looked down at me and said. Do you want to see them now. You are the whole time as we fucked she kept her top on and I resisted touching them. She slid the top off revealing the biggest nipples I have ever saw. Her tits hung naturally and looked as soft as wool. She straddled me and hung them in my face moving from side to side and letting me suck her nipples deep in my mouth. Now fuck me hard. She slid onto my cock and stated slow and then got a really good hard rhythm going so deep inside her. Don’t cumninside me she said I want you to cum on my tits. Omg I nearly blew my load then and there but held on for a few minutes before rolling her onto her back fucking hard and then pulling out and pointing my cock at those amazing tits and shooting my load all over each one. She rubbed the cum all over her tits and had a taste. I stayed for a few hours and christened her bathroom, kitchen. She says she may have a few other jobs for me and has a few other rooms that need christened. Amazing experience and have wanked myself silly since. Oh by the way I told Kerry I was posting this so thanks Kerry x