Written by Nawty

1 Mar 2016

Thank you again for the comments so here is more of the time we experienced with Mike which we met from SH last July.

This is all true!

So, after arriving in Madrid for a week and my GF's first fuck with our host Mike, we went out into central Madrid for some sightseeing as you do and had a great evening meeting people and relaxing in new places .

We chatted with Mike about our experiences with sharing which were non existent up to that day and we talked about how it felt. Surprisingly, a very early pang of jealousy when Mike had taken my GF (will call S) to his bedroom to fuck her in private had gone as soon as I felt it, overtaken by the pure excitement of the scenario.

S, myself and Mike got on really well and the situation was relaxing enough for us to introduce a roleplay to make life easier. The roleplay would involve Mike and my GF pretending to be the couple while we were out so it did not look odd in public.

In private at Mikes apartment and at his request my GF would just wear a pair of shorts and nothing else or bikini bottoms. He certainly made the most of us staying there and he fucked S as and when he wanted which we were fine about. She spent the first night in his bed, the second in mine etc...

Over the next couple of days Mike chose what clothes S was to wear when we were out which was not a great deal bearing in mind it was Madrid in mid July at 38c so she was either a summer dress with no underwear or her mini skirt and t-shirt.

On the fourth day Mike presented a new dress he had bought for S which was a short summer frock and on first appearance it did not look to revealing. S wore the dress for him and once it was on it was pretty tight fit around her hips

and I must say I loved to see her in it. Mikes test as he put it was for her to lean forward! As she did we were treated to a full view down her front as the dress revealed her 34B tits completely to be viewed. wow. okay she's wearing that he said!

My GF or I had no complaints about it.

Mike took us to Retiro Park which was about a 15 minute bus ride from his apartment. We stuck to our rule and Mike and S sat together on the bus and snogged.

At the park, Mike had a surprise for us as one of his mates turned up. We had met this guy the first night we were there so he wasn't a stranger to us. We bought ice cream and S and Mike walked hand in hand across the park while I chatted with his friend following up behind.

After what seemed like a long walk we arrived at a very private part of the park and sat in the sun.

After sitting for a while Mike said he wanted to show his mate my GF tits and how did we feel about it.

At first we were a little surprised but then it made sense why we had walked to such a quiet area of the park.

He looked at me and I said it was totally up to my GF to answer that, he looked at her and S kind of just shrugged with a gesture that said okay.

With that Mike pulled the shoulders on her strapped dress down and lowered the top half of the dress below her tits.

Sitting there in a public park in front of me, Mike and his mate my GF's tits were on full show.

My cock was like rock in seconds with that feeling you get in your groin as I realised where this was probably going to go!