Written by Nawty

2 Mar 2016

So, there we were in a quiet part of Retiro park in Madrid. If you know it, you will know how big the park is and how easy it can be to find a secluded bench even in July.

My GF, S is sitting between Mike and his mate Pat (not his real name) on a gorgeous summer day with the top half of her summer dress around her waist revealing her lovely 34B tits to these guys while I sit on the wall opposite watching.

This is yet another new experience to us but we know that Mike has done this stuff before and it seems obvious to me at the time that his mate Pat has been involved. I did feel some thoughts of hell, what if someone walks passed with a family and then I realised that the Police patrol here in force on pushbikes, we could get into real trouble but my fears got pushed to the back of my mind as Mike proceeded to snog my GF with no sign of any objection from her. In fact, when she's turned on she has this stress free expression on her face that is great to see as normally she has a stressed look when at work. I wanted her to have a good time.

Mike uttered several words to Pat in Spanish with some laughter thrown in from both of them. I asked Mike what he had said. The translation was along the lines of " I told you what a slut she is" and Pat had obviously agreed.

Mike then continued to snog my GF and they exchanged tongues.

More Spanish was exchanged resulting in Pat sliding his hand under her dress and into her no doubt soaking pussy and again without protest S was enjoying her attention while I watched. Mike then moved my GF's head to the other side and Pat took over the snogging session while he continued to rub her pussy but by now Mike had also lifted her dress so I could watch. These two guys were clearly in control of her and neither her or myself were protesting.

S was clearly in another world as Pat worked on her clit but I was startled when we heard the sound of cyclists coming our way so in a flash they covered her back up as if nothing had happened. Clearly they were good at this.

We then decided to go for a beer in one of the park restaurants, by this time us blokes were all struggling with hard cocks much to my GF's amusement.