Written by Nawty

6 Mar 2016

Still in Retiro Park, mid July sitting at a busy café with my GF and our host Mike and his friend Pat.

S is positioned yet again between these two Spanish guys with me opposite around a table and I am fighting my feelings now because its just too busy with families there. My GF just seemed to be still turned on by the last event at a park bench and she didn't seem to care as these two are rubbing my GF legs and I know she's wet because she has this sigh all the time.

I didn't want to stop the fun because we were in Madrid for this but I suggested somewhere less obvious!

Mike paid and we left, again Mike is in charge of the whole situation and leads us off into the park holding my GF's hand joking away with Pat.

About five minutes walk and ten minutes later we are boarding a hire boat to take onto the lake.

Pat proceeds to row us out into the lake and at a safe distance which wasn't bloody far he lifts S's dress and ties it back behind her waist. Again I have thoughts can anyone see from the edge. what if someone has binoculars! But again the fear moment passes and I am watching along with Pat, my GF with her legs opened by Mike and her pussy on full show giving Pat the best view. I am sitting behind Pat and seeing exactly the same sight while Mike is sitting next to S snogging her.

Not a lot of talk between us but I was now thinking to myself that my GF was now 'easy' but I admit to loving the situation.