Written by Happy Husband

8 Nov 2010

A couple of months ago I wrote about Wendy my wife, a nurse in the community who had been fucking her elderley patient Terry. Well Terry got better and was discharged from Wendy's care.

You may also remember our agreement and that is I love to watch Wendy being fucked but if that isn't possible then i love to hear of her exploits blow by blow (or should i say blow job by blow job). As with all things in life once you get a taste of something nice you want more and extra marital sex is no exception.

A few months ago Wendy received a phone call from a friend and neighbour Mary to ask as she was a nurse would she would Wendy sign a passport form for her son Peter who was going away in a for his first holiday without them. Wendy told her that it wasn't a problem and suggested Peter come straight round as she was due to go out soon. It was the middle of the day and Wendy had just got out of the shower when Peter came round so was only dressed in a towelling robe. As I have said in previous accounts one of Wendy's best assets are her fabulous tits and because she was only wrapped in a robe her plentiful cleavage was plain to see which wasn't missed by Peter. Wendy sat at the table to write on the form and unbeknown to her her left tit slipped out so when she looked up Peter was staring at it. Wendy covered up and as she did so she noticed a bulge in Peters pants as he stood over her.

Wendy told me this when I got home that evening and admitted that she felt a little turned on about the whole thing. She didn't realise that she had that affect on a seventeen year old, she found it flattering and had always fantasised seducing a young stud. I hinted that if she wanted to take it further then it was ok with me but Wendy wasn't sure about that reminding me that we have two grown up sons older than Peter.That night we both enjoyed a real good shag.

Last week we held a halloween party and invited around quite a few friends including Mary, Mike her husband and Peter. As it turned out Mary and Mike were going away themselves but Peter was at home so he came. Wendy as always was dressed to kill and bought a special witches outfit with a low cleavage. Underneath she wore a sexy bra, skimpy panties and suspenders (what a turn on). The party went with abang and all night Peter followed Wendy about like a little lost dog. We all got more and more pissed and as usual I had too much and ended up collapsed in bed. Wendy on the other hand only drinks enough to get tipsy and knows when to stop. As the guests began to go Wendy started to tidy up and Peter helped. Finally all the guests departed leaving just Wendy and Peter and as the clearing up was finished they had another drink together on the couch.

As you are aware Wendy is an exhibitionist and loves men ogling her assets. So it became a real turn on for her when she again found Peter staring at her cleavage and with an ever growing bulge in his pants. Wendy brought the conversation around Peter and asked if he had a girlfriend Peter said no he had recently split and when Wendy asked why he began to blush and wouldn't say. Wendy pushed him further about it and Peter told her that he she was a virgin and although they had petted a lot nothing else had happened so he became frustrated with it all and finished.

Wendy had been nursing a large glass of red wine and it accidenly (so she says) slipped out of her hand and all over her witches outfit. She jumped up quickly and not wanting to leave a stain took her dress off and went to sponge it in the kitchen. When she returned Peter was sat there red faced and Wendy realised that she was stood in bra, stockings and suspenders. She looked at Peter and began to tease him. "Have you never seen anyone dressed like this before" she asked "yes on TV" he said "but I never thought I would see you like that" Wendy laughed and said "why,whats wrong with me?" Peter stuttered that there was nothing wrong with her and admitted that he had often fantasised seeing her like that and other things as well. Wendy told me the next day that she was really turned on to think that a young good looking boy had been wanking over her.

"So" she said "tell me more". Peter blushed but wouldn't elaborate. "Well in that case I better find out for myself and seeing as how you've been staring at my boobs all night we can start with them" and with that she unfastenened her bra and let it drop. "What do you think? would you like to play with them?" "Yes please" Peter said so Wendy sat down and grabbed Peters hand to her tit. As you may remember nothing turns Wendy on more than someone groping her tits so as he began squeezing Wendy slid her hand to his bulge. "Now are you going to tell me what else you wanted your girlfriend to do?" Peter told Wendy that he had asked for a blow job as he'd never had one before. Wendy looked Peter straight in the eyes and said "we will have to rectify that then won't we" and unfastened Peters pants and released his cock. Wendy told me the next day that although it wasn't nearly as big as Terry's it was rock hard. Wendy leaned down and took Peter into her mouth and began to suck. It wasn't long before Peter started to moan and exploded into her mouth. He apologised and Wendy said it was ok because she knew as he was a young man it wouldn't be long before it was hard again. Wendy asked Peter if he had ever licked a womans pussy and he replied "no" so wendy told him to take her panties off. Peter slid them off and Wendy lay back, opened her legs and guided Peter's face towards her cunt. Apparently at first Peter's tongue was all over the place but with Wendy's expert tuition he was very soon hitting all the right spots. After a while Peter was hard again so Wendy stood up and straddled him. This time Peter lasted a lot longer long enough for him to fuck her doggy style which is something else he had asked to try.

Wendy told me all this the next day and fuck my luck I had missed my opportunity of once again watching my wife get weel and truly fucked but this time by a young boy instead of an old man.