Written by struth

28 Nov 2012

My wife and I hosted a party a couple of years ago, among some of the guests was a female friend of ours who we had both always had a bit of chemistry with but the perfect time had never arisen....that is up until now! We'd all had a fair bit to drink and it was getting late so the party naturally started to slow down and people started to make their way home. Just to give you a bit more detail my wife is slim in her early 30's with not huge, but perfect pert breasts amazing legs and certainly looks after herself physically, she was on this occasion wearing killer heels a tiny skirt and our friend was dressed in a similar outfit! Disapointingly our friend had to go when the last of the people left, I was beginning to think we'd have to make do with going to bed and use our imaginations..again!. We were just getting undressed for bed when the door knocked! I put a towel around me and answered the door, fortunately for us our special friend had got home to find her hubby asleep and no key on her! Result! Being the gent I am, I offered our sofa bed for her to sleep on, which she accepted. I went upstairs to explain to my wife, instantly both knowing what the other was thinking! We both climbed into bed and carried on where we left off, only this time, talking about what we'd like to do to her! I said to my wife why don't you go downstairs, climb under the covers and see if she feels the same? My heart was pounding in my chest (and by now my cock so hard and throbbing) I thought I'd burst, I told her is wait 5 mins before coming to join them, my wife agreed and went downstairs wearing just a black satin slip, after the longest 5 mins of my life I snuck downstairs opened the door slightly to see my wife, kissing our friend pinned in the corner of the sofa, I watched whilst they were kissing and could see and hear that my wife had pulled up her skirt and had put a couple of fingers in her (what sounded) already sopping wet pussy, after a minute or two my wife had started to work her way down via her pert tits, to lick her out, tasting and eating another woman's pussy is something my wifes always brought up in fantasies, and had her fair share if in the past, my friend was almost sat up now with her hands holding my wifes head firmly against her pussy but looking over at me slowly wanking and watching, after some time my wife got up and proceeded to get in a position where's shes almost sitting on our friends face, wow, now my turn, I started to kiss my way up our friends still stockinged legs and carried on where my wife had left off, looking up occasionally to see my wifes arse grinding her pussy into her face, she cums quick like that and squirts! They both came...lots. For a mo' I thought that was it but no....I spoke for the first time and said id always wanted two women sucking me off within seconds they duly obliged licking my cock and balls taking me deep in there mouths by now they were ready for my load and shared it all whilst licking from each others chins....more to follow if your interested?