Written by Steve

7 Sep 2013

Like most of the lads at work I was in awe of simones arse. But unlike them I kept my lewd thoughts to myself and consequently made a good friend of her. So much so she invited mr to a party at her house. Drinks flowed and I also became matey with Kev, simones husband. He told me he was a bit insecure with her working in a predominantly male environment but I reassured him that she never even so much as flirted which was true. I never let on that her arse had caused a thousand wanks. So the party fizzled out and people left til it was just us 3 and Kev was totally pissed. I helped Simone put him to bed and was having one for the road in the kitchen chatting when Simone told me she was a bit fed up with kevs jealousy and boozing and was annoyed by the rude comments of some of the lads. She got quite tearful so I naturally put a comforting arm around her. She looked up and suddenly her hot little tongue was darting into my mouth. I responded by putting my hands on that fabulous arse. Oh what bliss to be finally feeling the arse I'd admired for so long. It was all too brief as the kitchen door opened and we broke away from each other. A confused looking Kev asked what's going on? We told him all was well and took him back off to bed. Simone offered me the spare room which I gladly accepted and she went off to bed with Kev. Lay naked in bed I could hear their muffled voices and really hoped he hadnt seen us kiss and it was causing a row. But then I heard the bed squeaking rhythmically and knew all was well. I had to hear Simone fucking so I crept across the room and held my ear to the wall. Sure enough a few small gasps and sighs became evident and I gratefully wanked my stiffy. After a couple of minutes the gasps and bed noises stopped. I thought they must be changing position so I strained my ear closer to the wall. That's when Simone walked in catching me bollock naked cock in hand. She was wearing just a bathrobe. I scampered back to bed apologising. She was unperturbed. She just sat on the bed and complained about Kev being a one minute man, fast asleep now. Not interested in her needs etc etc. As she ranted I hoped she wouldn't catch me admiring the curve of her breast. But she did and pulled the robe open and said "have a good look if you want to". I couldn't tell if she was angry with me or not but then that darting tongue was in my mouth again. This time when Kev stumbled in there was no hiding our actions as I was by now hanging out of the back of his wife spilling his freshly deposited spunk out with every thrust. I didn't stop, I couldn't. He stood transfixed as Simone and I reached mutual climax and I emptied my balls into her. After what seemed an age Kev approached revealing a rather impressive hard on. He almost violently pushed me off his wife, flipped her onto her back and rammed his cock into her. He fucked her hard slapping against her and calling her a dirty slut. Simone responded, hooking her feet onto his shoulders to allow him in deeper. I couldn't believe the words of my demure rather shy work colleague. "Yes I am a dirty slut. Your dirty slut now fuck me Kevin fuck me harder." This set him off. His arse tensed and he growled as he came in her again. His stream of cum ignited her orgasm and she sighed happily. They lay like that kissing and saying I love you. Then Kev withdrew, grabbed me roughly by the hair and pushed my face into her cum sodden cunt. It was ok actually and I brought her off a few times. Kev was spent but watched lazily as I refucked his wife but a lot gentler this time. In fact our soothing sex rocked him to sleep. I was tired and asked Simone to ride me which she agreed to. Those lovely pert titties swinging in my face as I held on lovingly to her amazing arse finally caused my final ejaculation into her. Miss demure Simone with the delectable but untouchable arse had spent the night as a spunk bucket. I left for home. Nothing like it has happened since but I live in hope