Written by HAL

15 May 2016

A friend of mine got me some work for a retired window . She lived in a villa near the coast at Alicante . When I went to meet up and discuss the work she required I was amazed she looked no older then mid thirties. Tall blonde slim and a great tan. She greeted me with a hug then showed me into the garage which she wanted clearing up first .Then told me she wanted a wall build at the bottom off the garden. I began tiding up the garage ditching old paint and broken chains. Sam the lady later turned up with a cool drink . She looked around and told me "At last I will be able to get my car in out of the sun". She then went to a pile of magazines these can be burned I have finished with them. I went over to look and the were about nudism . She looked at me and said you can have them if you wish. I took a moment then told her I would put them in the car. My husband and I were nudists she said. So if it gets hot you can go nude I don't mind . That why I am having you build the wall at the bottom of the garden. The people in the next villa complain when I am nude so I can at least be out of site to them.

I pointed out that she would still be seen from the pathway as her gate was very large and not screened. Oh I never bother about people walking to the beach they are often nude themselves she replied. I getting very hot and desperately trying to hide my erection. when I had cleared the garage 3 hour later and put most of it in the skip I when back to garage and decided I would go nude and have a break. Sam came in and didn't look at all surprised . She smiled and said you will be more comfortable being nude while you work for me. Sam then asked me to join her for lunch on the terrace. When I got to the terrace I could see Sam was now nude . She look fabulous . She offered me a glass and as she poured the wine it over flowed down my mummy and onto my cock. She quickly put the bottle down got a cloth quickly dried my dummy but just gently dapped erect cock. She was in no hurry either. Then when she finished she quite took me back. She told me her late husband had a good cock(the word she used) she missed her husband the physical side of a relationship. Then taking hold of my cock and examining it like an ornament. She told me "You have a beautiful cock " Thank you I replied not knowing what else to say. But surely you must have a lover said point out .You have a great body. She came up close took my cock and guided it into a juicy hot cunt . I want to go to the bottom of the garden we will eat later she told me . I want you to fuck my brains out I want you to spent your hot sperm into me. I want to kiss your cock . We had a great fuck . As I was loading up my van to go home Sam approach me . Did you enjoy our intercourse . Yes very much so I told her. Well stay the night I could do with more of that cock of yours . She then asked if I like anal sex . Yes ! I said but I have never really tried it. My husband and I practised it so we could have sex on the nudist beaches lying side by side without people being aware from a distance of course . We went to bed that night still in the nude . Sam place a condom on my cock coated with lub . I slipped my cock in her rear with ease . Sam was very aroused and tell me that she would pay me extra as long as I fucked at lease twice day . Oh Hal your making me fucking cum again OH I love your cock I want OH! I am coming my juice is coming . I stopped my self from coming until she had another orgasm then I let go. Sam later told me I want your cock more than ever. Please may I tell my cleaning lady in the morning that you are fucking me. So we can continue enjoying our sexual intercourse tomorrow in the garden. Maria is used to me being nude and using my vibrator when I am horny in fact she bathes and masturbated me quite often . I must meet her I said. AND can I let her see your cock?. She is really nice and often acts out as my slave. I CANNT WAIT !