Written by paul

2 Nov 2008

hello again all you FSWs, after babe and i got back to her house, she went straight upstairs and went into the bathroom, her husband (useless) came into the kitchen and asked if i had gotten every thing, i said yes, but what we needed for the kitchen would come later. he went back to his beloved tv in the other room. babe came down and said here drink this, she had let my spunk and her cunt juice drip into a glass, she put her tongue into the glass and licked some out then kissed me and passed it into my mouth, she cleaned the glass out with her tongue and licked her lips and said i want more of this. i felt up her skirt and she had no knickers on, her cunt was wet and my fingers got lost in her cunt, i got my cock out and she bent over and took it into her mouth she had her arse up against the closed kitchen door so it could not be opened, she sucked on my cock and i shoved more fingers up her till i was fist fucking her she was moaning and bucking and i thought she was going to bite my cock, she pulled my cock out and turned round, i nearly broke my wrist as my hand was still up her cunt, she bent over pulled her skirt over her arse and said fuck me you bastard, i never touched the sides as my cock slid into her cunt, it was wet through, i was fucking her with long deep strokes, and on a push back in she went rigid, i had slid up her arse with all the juice from her cunt. she was pushing back now and she said leave it in there, i continued to fuck her arse and she had a piece of her skirt in her mouth to muffle the noise she was making, i said i was cumming and she just pushed back even more, i shot all my spunk up her arse and she had her hand lost up her cunt bringing herself off, i pulled out and went into the downstairs loo to clean up while she kept the door blocked, then she went in.i said i will never get this kitchen finished if you do this to me every time i come here, she said im not in a hurry if your not,

i said what about \"useless\" she said that he never bothers about her, he only watches his tv,if the house blew up he would still sit there, she kissed me and said thank you for making me feel like a woman again, i told her that i was going to be back next week and that to be wearing no knickers, she said i had that in mind as well, i did a bit of tiling then went home

when i went back the following week, as i arrived on her drive she was leaning out of the bathroom window, she said come straight up stairs and lock the front door. i came up stairs and she was stood on the landing naked, i said wheres he, she said at the hospital having some tests done, he cant get back till i fetch him. she dragged me into the bedroom and started to strip me, i stood there and let her take my clothes off, then she said on the bed fucker. i got onto the bed and layed on my back she got on and started to play with my cock, i went to get hold of her and she said no touching its my turn to tease, she started to lick and suck my cock as it started to get hard, she reached under the pillow and brought out a \"rampant rabbit\" she switched it on and played with my cock with it and then she pushed it into her cunt to get it wet then started to rub it all over me, i was dying to fuck her but she said no wait, she got me to bursting point, then suddenly squatted onto my cock, it went up to my bollocks in one move, she sat there for a minute just wanking my cock with her cunt muscles. i reached up and grabbed her big tits and pulled on her stiff nipples, she started to ride my cock and threw her head back and closed her eyes. she was pounding down on my cock and would scream when she was filled up, then she climbed off and got on all fours and said arse fuck me, she is a bit taller than me so i had her get off the bed and lay on the edge with her feet on the floor. i stood behind her and rubbed my wet cock round her hole with one slow push i was up to my bollocks , i stayed still a bit then started to slowly fuck her arse. i felt her lift and she slid the rabbit into her cunt and switched it on. the vibes were sending my cock into overdrive as she fucked her cunt and i fucked her arse, she screamed as she went rigid and flooded the bed, i pushed deep into her and let go my spunk into her arse, she pulled out the rabbit and gave it me to suck, it was dripping with her juice, i licked it clean then got her on her back on the bed and started to lick her cunt dry, an impossible task, i had my tongue up her cunt lapping and licking when the phone went, she picked it up and tried to talk while i was licking her cunt, it was hubby he was ready to come home, she went to fetch him as i had to start to do some work. to be continued ......