28 Sep 2017

We all have fantasy dreams, but it is so nice when a fantasy we have not given to much thought too becomes real.

A few years ago I was attending hospital to undergo some tests as an outpatient. The procedure involved passing a tube through a nostril and on down the back of my throat until it reached my stomach before the main tests start. The procedure was difficult as the only tube available was larger than my nostril, which meant a bit of recovery time before the next part of the procedure could commence.

I was left on the trolley wearing one of those hospital night shirt things with underpants and a covering blanket. All the staff but one left the room to move on to the next victim. The female assistant that remained stood by the trolley chatting, no doubt to reassure me after the ordeal. We had chatted for about 5 minutes or so when I could feel a hand work its way up the night shirt until it reached my genitalia. I looked at her and she looked down at me, I guess to check to see if there would be any complaint from me. I smiled in an attempt to reassure her, but then put my hand under the blanket and lowered my underpants, so as to make clear that I had no objection and provide easy access.

I laid there and put my hands back outside the blanket. I could feel her hands wandering over my cock which responded very quickly to the TLC. My cock started to raise the blanket like a tent pole.

I could feel her hand working my cock like an expert. Given the situation there was no way I was going to be able to hold on to my load for long, and sure enough in a very short time I could fill it go. She must have sensed those involuntary pluses a cock gives out just before it lets go, as she tightened her grip slightly to stem any spurt to a flow. The warm moist liquid must have flowed over her hand because I could feel it dripping on my groin, along with the feeling of complete release.

She lifted the blanket to one side over the groin area so that she could go in with absorbent tissue and remove any evidence of the pleasure that just occurred. She then lifted my underpants whilst I raised my backside and returned the blanket. I continued to lay on the trolley with her standing by the side with her hand resting on my leg until the others returned having finished with their latest victim, and wheeled me a very relaxed and empty, away to another room to continue the procedure.

I refer to her or she, because no words passed between us and I have no idea of her name, mores the pity. I have often wonder how many other patients left liberated of their cum.