Written by Lucky handyman 2

8 Jun 2010

I knew after that evening previous written about that she was mine whenever I wanted her

A few night later I had closed the shutters and the fire was going well when she walked in to the room pushing the door closed behing her.

She stood in front of the fire supposedly warming her hands leaving me looking at the outline of her well formed body and nicely rounded hips in sihouette.

I moved and stood about a foot behind her and she then slid back so we were touching.

I put my hands round her waist, my fingers just above her pubic hair line.

She snuggled back at me as I began gently pressing and slowly moving my fingers lower.

I was soon feeling the warmh of her through her dress so I slowly eased it up and got my fingers inside the top of her panties.

She was breathing heavily and I kissed the back of her neck as I began to probe in between the lips of her vagina.

She was very wet and I found her clitoris and gently massaged it.

She moaned and pressed back at me so I took my other hand and unzipped my jeans treleasing my fully erect prick and with a little effort my balls as well.

I then eased her dress up at the back and put my prick in the crease of her little bum.

She was now really wet and writhing on my finger as it caressed her clitoris.

I slid the waist band of her panies down and the putting my hand on her neck pushed her so she was bent forward and eased her legs apart with my foot.

Taking tight hold round the front of her waistwith one hand I guided my prick into the warmth of the folds of her vagina and eased forwards.

I felt her pushing back at me so I pushed harder and slid deep into her in on forcefull thrust.

She cried out as I entered, I began to fuck her in long slow thrusts which only lasted about 30 seconnd before I knew I was at the point of no returm and with one massive final thrust rammed deep into he letting my cum spurt jet after jet into her.

She had writhed and cried as I did this and when I stopped she stood still, bent over until my prick slackened and I slipped out of her.

She straightened turned and our lips met, her hand went down gripping my prick and holding it, still wet with our conbined juices.

Then to my supprise she dropped to her knees and took it in her mouyh sucking hard.

This lasted a good minute or more before she stood again and we kissed again.

A minute of this , she pulled he panties straight, smoothed her dress and made for the door.

As she left she turned "Tomorrow, same time" and was gone.