Written by Jen

27 Jun 2012

I have just returned to the scene,And have just realised what I have been missing,Although I cant claim that I was a hardened swinger.I first got into swinging four years ago aged nineteen,It began when I started dating an older guy,I admit to being young silly and in love.After a month or so he began to take me to a couple of clubs and made it pretty clear he wanted to see me with other guys.Being young and bit silly really I just obliged part of me was against it,but I just wanted to make him happy.I am not unattractive,But will admit my popularity was more down to my age.I lost count of the number of guys I let screw me,Most older than my own dad.A lot of the time I did not enjoy it,But just wanted to make my boyfriend happy.I will be honest here his big thing was to see other guys cum in me.A lot of the times obviously condoms were used,So to give him his kick these guys would finish in my mouth which I would swallow.All this finished when I found out he was in fact married,And although he was happy to share me around.He was not so willing to share his wife.I make no excuses I was used but the only defense I can offer was I was just nineteen.The end was he dumped me,and that was the end of my swinging.Thats a brief outline of how I got to where I am today.

Just over a month ago my cousin got married.We of course was invited and as it was a fair distance away they paid for close freinds and family to stay in local guest houses,I dont know why they included us in this as we are not really close.As the wedding got nearer my dad decided he wont be going which also ruled my mum out,But as much as I did not want to it was decided I would have to go.I could have refused but as it was my mums side she kind of begged me.And being only twenty three and still at home I could not really argue.

The wedding and reception was boring and if I had not been so far from home I would have quietly slipped away.During the reception I saw a woman who I was sure I knew,But could not think from where I just knew she was not family,And it was obvious by the way she was looking she was thinking the same,We smiled at each other and suddenly she was coming over.It was one of those embarrassing moments when it was yes I know you but from where?.Suddenly she said I think we met a few years ago at Eureka,I think my face give my answer,as this was one of the places he would take me.She suggested I go over to meet her fella.Which I did and then came my second shock,He was the blackest African guy I have ever seen.In fact he was so black you could not help but stare.I say shocked because although I have slept with a couple of black guys.In fact I lost my virginity to one at fifteen,I knew I had never met any when swinging.I also never got involved with any other girls.Except say I had been watched with guys by other women.Although there was no talk or hints at sex,for the first time I began to enjoy myself.At the end of the evening they suggested they drop me off on the way,Which I agreed to,Once in the Taxi they asked if I wanted to go up for a nightcap.I had already drank quite a bit,And to be honest as far as they knew I was still on the scene so we all knew what was meant by it.But I still agreed.Once we got into the room he opened a bottle of champagne.And the mood soon changed.

Although my head was spinning I was still fully aware of what was happening.And was a little shocked when she kissed me,And I have to admit the softness of her kiss had me responding,We fell on the bed our lips still locked and somehow managed to remove our clothes,I was lost in ectasy at her soft caresses,She moved down and began to gently kiss and lick the inside of my legs,I could not believe the pleasure this was giving me.Although she had not actually touched my vagina yet.I became aware that he had in fact stripped and joined us on the bed,although he did not even attempt to touch me,I was so numb with pleasure I could not have resisted anyway,Then suddenly her mouth just brushed my already enlarged clit,It was like being fired from a rocket,But as quick as she licked it she moved away,and began to suck his cock,I could only watch the blackness of him going into her white mouth,Moving back to me she kissed my lips I swear I could taste him on her tongue,I could feel a finger slipping into me,and could not say whose finger it was,She moved back down and this time began to really kiss and lick my pussy,I was just helpless with pleasure.I suddenly felt her move away and guide his blackness into me,All the time pinching and kissing my nipple,Her mouth moving from my breasts to my mouth.I am surprised the management never came up as my screams of pleasure must have been deafening.I could only manage a nod,At what she was whispering.I suddenly felt him pull from me and move her so he could enter her.He moved me so as I could see his black cock pumping into her.I was transfixed,All I could do was watch, He pulled from her and offered me his cock which I readily sucked on,I could and did for the first time taste the musky scent of another woman,He put his dick back in her,And motioned me to move,pulling from her he then entered me,By now it felt as if every nerve in my body was about to explode.I could barely make out what she was saying as her tongue was flicking mine.But I clearly heard her say,Take it all your going to get a black baby.Thats what you want dont you.And at that moment in time I could not put up any argument.And when she repeated it,I could only not yes.In fact for those few seconds it was what I wanted.I felt him empty himself deep into me,And what happened next was probaly the most erotic thing that has ever happened to me,His cock was replaced by her mouth,as she sucked his cum from me,and moved up to spit it in my mouth.We laid back to regain ourselves.I would have willingly stayed the night,But she suggested I call a cab,Returning to my Guest house.I just got into bed,No shower as I did not want to wash anything of what had happened from me.I was not on the pill,And as I drifted off to sleep I was hoping his seed had done the job,I was praying for that black baby.The following day the reality of what had happened kicked in.And although I had no real regrets,The thought that a black baby may already be starting in me.Kind of brought me down to Earth.Not black baby but any baby.So arriving back in London I found a chemist open for the morning after pill.It also occured to me the only time I tasted her was from him,Something I know I am going to change asap.I also realised that swinging is definately for me.Pure good sex with no strings attached.Only this time I will be doing it for me.

So from now on Age,Gender,or colour will be no barrier.