Written by daveandjools

22 Feb 2007

Last Sunday Dave told me he had booked a massage for me to help me relax after a rather stressfull week at work.The massage was booked for three oclock and after lunch i showered and shaved my pussy.A knock at the door announced the arrival of my massuse,dave answered the door while i sat with a glass of red. Hi Jools im Des said a deep voice i looked up a little startled as we had been expecting a lady massuse.Hi des,i said checking him out he was black,6ft,and very muscular and fit looking.Hope your ok with me being a guy he said a lot of people assume a lady is gonna turn up.No its fine i said,over the next five mins he and dave chatted whilst he set his massage couch up.Ok im off now jools said dave as he was meeting his mates in town for a beer before the football.With now just the two of us in the room he said ok Sweetness take your gown off and hop on the table,i dropped my robe to the floor and cupped my boobs in my hands in a shy way and lay face down.The warm oil splashed on my back and made me jump des started laughing and this helped brake the ice.Over the next ten mins we chatted bout everyday crap when all the time all i could think was how wet my pussy was getting,des told me he played rugby and thats where he learnt his very silky massage skills.Now jools do you want to keep your panties on but i can do a much more intense treatment without them,my mind never thought about it and i slid them off des pulled them off me and could feel how wet they were,my you are enjoying this jools aint u.Yes sorry bout that i said blushing,no no dont be sorry babe,he massaged my upper thighs and without a word brushed his has along my slit i let out a low moan and he done it again weather it was the wine or the fact i could see his huge bulge in his joggers i just opened my legs for him to gain better access.he pushed his finger in me and told me in the next hour i would be his and do whatever he wanted,he dropped his joggers to reveil the biggest thickest cock i have ever seen and pushed it towards my mouth,i could hardly gey my mouth round it but got his bell end in my mouth like a plum.He pulled it out and told me to turn over he put his cock at the entrance to my pussy and i said be gentle des your way bigger than anything ive had before he just smiled and thrust into me,it was a mix of agony and ecstasy stretching my shaven pussy like never before,for the next 45 mins he pumped me in every position and shot his thick load deep into my pussy making it tingle more.He got dressed and left without much more chat just winking saying it was another satisfied customer.I showered and dave came back asking how it went oh fine i said very relaxing i lied as my knees still shook my pussy still tingling and my clit still throbbing.I have booked Des for the end of the month when he has promised me a extra special massage as his mate wants to learn the trade,thank god dave goes to the footie and leaves me home as he does not know how deep my massage goes lol.