Written by Peter

10 Sep 2015

About six months ago, after a particularly passionate session in bed, my 36-year old wife asked if I wanted her to fulfill my fantasy of watching her with another man. I told her I would love it and asked who is the man. She said, "You know how close I am to my older friend Gladys. Her new husband is a hunk for a man in his 50s and, whenever I'm visiting her and he's around, he looks at me with bedroom eyes, but very subtly so as not to upset Gladys. I didn't think much about it until a Gladys mentioned to me a couple of weeks ago that, even after more than a year of marriage, Harry's fabulous in bed and has her almost every day, sometimes twice. I keep getting this image in my mind of him between my legs."

It didn't take too much to talk me into it so long as I could video it, and the next time she visited Gladys I went along. Harry and I talked in their garden while the girls were gossiping in the lounge. I broached the idea and he was delighted, but said it was best not to let Gladys know as he hadn't yet mentioned swinging to her. We settled on the following Saturday at theirs while Gladys was at a meeting of one of her clubs.

On the appointed day, I brought in my video equipment to their upstairs spare bedroom, opened the drapes of the large window for natural light, turned on the lamps on either side of the bed for additional light, then signaled for them to begin, although they had already been hugging and kissing standing there with their clothes on waiting for me to set up the cameras.

They each quickly took off all their clothes in their urgency to have one another. My wife lay on the bed on her back and he straddled her chest with his legs and had her suck his already hard cock. She slurped it with a smile on her face, occasionally looking over to show me she was enjoying herself. Each time she did my cock twitched with arousal inside my trousers. I had been rock hard since I watched them undress and saw his above average endowment.

After only about twenty seconds of sucking, during which he fingered her pussy first with two fingers, then three when he found her already wet for him, he moved off her and placed the two bed pillows under her bum to raise her hips. He got between her outspread legs, roughly caressed her breasts for a few seconds as he French kissed her, then quickly inserted his cock into her pussy and pushed in. She rolled her head back and emitted some moans in response to his rough entrance and said, "Oh, its bigger than I expected! You're filling me up." He kept his upper body held above her on outstretched arms as he established a steady rhythm of hard and deep strokes, going up her all the way each time, with her giving out a sharp gasp each time. I could tell by the sensuous look on her face she was already on her way to an orgasm.

He pumped her for no more than a couple of minutes and in the few seconds just before she came, he was urging her on in a low voice, "Come with me. You know you're close. Go for t!! Come with me!" At the same time, she was passionately responding to him, "Oh, yeah. Feels good!. Yeah, make me come with that big cock! Fuck me hard!!" And he did as his final cock thrusts were especially rough, almost violent. She then cried out a long climax with a string of loud gasps and passionate cries.

He gave her only a few seconds recovery time, then pulled her downward off the pillows, flipped her over, and got her onto her hands and knees with her chest laying on the two pillows. She was still aroused from her climax and when he pushed his cock into her somewhat violently from the rear , she loudly gasped, "Oh, God, fuck me again! Do it hard and deep!" He fucked her with rapid thrusts that inflamed her so much she emitted a continuous stream of loud, somewhat uncontrollable cries of passion. In less than another 30 seconds or so, she erupted in climax with several screams of passion, violently pushing her bum back into his thrusting groin, then collapsed her upper body onto the pillows while he continued to steadily thrust into her, prolonging her orgasm.

After giving her only a few seconds to partially recover, he sped up his thrusting and rapidly brought her to another climax with her wailing out an intense orgasm in a long series cries of, 'Oh, my God! Fuck me! Don't stop!' His sexual technique, which I duly noted for my own use, was to give her only a few seconds respite before fucking her to a another come in the same position, or changing position and immediately re-entering and fucking her. This meant she was still in the throes of her last orgasm when he began fucking her again, quickly re-igniting her passion.

Flipping her onto her back and again putting the pillows under her bum, he got between her legs, already wide open with knees raised, and immediately entered her with a single hard thrust to her loud welcoming gasp. She quickly pulled her legs back so they were up in the air on either side of his shoulders as he held himself above her on his outstretched arms. As they quickly settled into this position, she loudly gasped out, "Do me again hard and fast, I'm halfway there already!!"

He waisted no time and roughly thrust deep up her pussy. Within seconds, he was verbally urging her to scream out her climax loudly enough for the neighbors to hear. This seemed to inflame her and she began loudly proclaiming her passion with a long series of loud gasps and cries, halfway through which she came with screams of orgasm. He continued fucking her throughout until she gave a final cry and her body stilled with her face rolled to the side facing me. She had had a quick faint, but recovered within a few seconds. When she opened her eyes, she was looking right at me and gave me a small smile and mouthed the words, 'This is unbelievable!'.

His cock never left her pussy, slowly stroking her throughout her short faint and beyond. It was obvious he was used to doing the same thing to her mum during their bouts of fucking. He gave my wife a few seconds longer recovery time than before to make sure she was fully back to consciousness then, without changing their sexual position, he stroked into her again with the same technique he had been using and, in less than a minute, brought her to her fifth climax. This time she screamed out a long orgasm with sharp cries of agonizing passion gasping, when her passion allowed, "You're fucking me so good! Don't stop! Keep going! I feel like I can come forever!' It was obvious he had pushed her to a level of intense arousal way above any she had ever experienced.

I was envious and jealous of his sexual ability, and quickly stripped off my clothing so I could have my turn in her when he was finished. As I was doing so, he rolled off her onto his back and urged her to straddle his hips. She stared at me with a Mona Lisa smile as she got on top, raised up her hips while she guided his wet rampant cock up into her wide open pussy, then settled down fully on it, all of this in slow motion for my benefit. My lust at watching that deliberately erotic performance was so great I almost dropped my handheld camera to pull her off him so I could fuck her myself - but I didn't. She fucked him from a fully vertical position above him, rolling her hips to achieve maximum contact of her clit with his pubic bone. This was what she did with me so she could come in that position.

As her hip rolls increased in urgency and she broke out into loud gasps, then cries of approaching climax, he roughly caressed her breasts and pinched her nipples, and increased his upward cock thrust to match the urgency of her rolling hips. Her head suddenly rolled back with her mouth wide opened as she screamed out her orgasm, her body shuddering and her hips jerking violently throughout. Her climax was long and hard. After almost a minute, she finally collapsed forward onto his chest, gasping for breath. He gave her a few seconds longer that usual, then rolled her over onto her hands and knees once more.

He grasped her hips with both hands and thrust his cock roughly all the way into her pussy, then rapidly stroked into her with almost violent thrusts. I got the distinct feeling he was going to come this time and this fuck was all for him. The violence of his cock thrusts proved me right. It didn't take him long to bellow out his climax, shooting his cum into her with short, violent thrusts. She was so turned on that she quickly came herself when she experienced his climax and ejaculations. She emitted loud cries of passion as her orgasm rolled over her.

This time he allowed her to recover with him for several minutes before urging her onto her back. She spread her legs and he knelt between them, staring with lust at her cum filled pussy as a steady stream of cum slowly dripped out onto the sheet below her bum. I got successive close ups as I slowly zoomed in with the camera, then back out a bit so the camera could also video her satisfied smiling face. I then zoomed in to her face. Her smile broadened when she looked up at him and said, "You were fabulous! We've got to do this again!" Without missing a beat, he replied, "You're right, and it's going to be right now", as he positioned himself for a missionary fuck and mounted her again, making sure I had a good view of him sliding his rock hard cock up her.

Although a bit exhausted, she wrapped her arms and legs around him, and they proceeded at a more leisurely pace to fuck each other to mutual climaxes. I turned off my handheld camera, got naked, then sat in the chair, and wanked myself to a couple of comes as he fucked her to several more orgasms over the next half hour. He came in her during the last one and, by the time they pulled their bodes apart, her whole groin was smeared with his cum, with some still dripping from her pussy. After making sure I got a good look, she got off the bed, quickly pulled on her knickers over the cum without wiping herself, then wickedly said to me, "That's so you can enjoy sloppy seconds when we get home."

We quickly departed and I fucked her on our lounge floor as soon as we got through the front door. Afterward, we went to bed and I was so horny from watching Harry fuck her I had her twice before we fell asleep. After having her again in the morning, we discussed what had happened and what was next. She was a bit concerned about my reaction when she told me she wanted to fuck him on a regular basis, but I was expecting that and didn't have any objection so long as it was a threesome and I got to fuck her in between.

So, for the past six months we have had threesomes with him at ours once or twice a month to our collective delight. In between times, the frequency of our own fucking has risen to an average of four or five times a week and at a very much higher sexual intensity level than before. We love the new us in bed and will certainly continue the threesomes with Harry, and have discussed the possibility of inviting other men she might fancy to share our marital bed.

An interesting thing about all this is that a few days ago Gladys hinted to my wife that Harry had told her about our threesomes and it seems she doesn’t mind since he returns to her bed afterward hornier than ever. After my wife told me this, I mulled it over in my mind for a day or so, then mentioned it in bed after a particularly hot session by saying, "I've been thinking about Gladys probably knowing about us three. At 55, she's still a foxy woman with a very good figure, and evidently is hot in bed. Would you be upset if I wanted to fuck her?" She grinned and replied, "I wondered when you would think of that.' But that's another story.