Written by dirty bastard

15 Jun 2009

A while back i printed off a story about a woman getting a good time of her husband & his friend.I gave this to my wife to read while i gave her oral,the result in her coming very strongly.She never said anything after this.Several weeks later i asked her when she had been drinking if she enjoyed the story to which replied she had.

Over several drunken weeks i had brought the story up asking if it had been her as of the names to which she had said \"no\".One night after a night out i was giving it sharon doggie style which she likes i asked her again if an old friend of hers had given her a good fucking this way.I asked if Andy had fucked her dogggie to which said \"yes\" pushing herself back onto me.On hearing this i fucked her harder saying she was a \"horny bitch\".Sharon later said \"she had said, she had because it\'s what i wanted to hear.Over several sex sessions i continued to ask over things about Andy fucking her to which she said he had not.

When i have been giving Sharon oral and i have mentioned i would like to watch Andy lick her pussy she as come very hard.The other week whilst watching a porn there was a woman getting some action in her kitchen.I told Sharon i would like to catch her like that whilst playing with her pussy.when i said i would like to see Andy shag her hard she came like she as not done before.This as also got me to think that maybe he as already done this,& this gets me so fucking hard to think of her being a dirty bitch.

sharon as just asked me what i want for my Birthday to which i replied a three-some,she asked what another woman or a man.what i want is to watch Andy fuck Sharon over the kitchen table whilst she wears her furcoat after a night out.Then watch Andy lick her pussy while i shove my cock in her mouth.Then i will sit & watch Andy fuck Sharon all over the living room in her fur for old times sake while i\'m wanking off.Hope i get my Birthday wish better blow them candles damn good.....

let you know...