Written by Nigel

15 Oct 2009

Part Three

I just stood there and let the old black guy feel my wife up, excited by his crude remarks. Then one of the aft white men spoke in an Irish accent: ‘Oi used to work on a farm when I was a young man back in Ireland. Here, let me cop a feel, I’ll have her big tits spurting in no time at all.’

The big old black man backed away from my wife, blocking my view. I had to move round and edge my way into the semi circle of watching leering and coarse voiced onlookers. The Irish man was soon pulling my wife’s breasts from the lacey top of her stark white corsolete.

The black man managed to keep one of his big hands on the satin front panel of the open bottom corsolette that was stretched across her pregnant tummy. Her hips were slightly thrust forward so that everyone could see the sexy white satin vee of her panties peeping out from the bottom of the girdle. Her white suspenders were stretched tightly by the angle of her body. The sexy tops of her white silk seamed black stockings and her little feet balanced on white high-heeled shoes made her look very provocative. Her hands hung limply by her side and I saw her drop her little handbag on to the dirty paving slabs.

The Irish man said brusquely to the black man, ‘Get yer hand on her fanny, inside her knickers, that will bring the milk on quicker. My wife’s little size 8 body was visibly trembling. Her head hung down, her blonde locks shaking as the black man forced his fingers inside. ‘F—k me, it’s a bald cunt and it’s very tight.’ ‘Force your fingers in quick. Let’s milk the little bitch. She wants it, I know that. Get as many fingers in the cunt as you can. I glanced at the men. My own prick was very hard and they were all rubbing their crotches through the dirty well-worn trousers. Their expressions were intense, ugly and aggressive. It was all getting too much for the young Rasta. He unzipped himself. I watched in alarm at the sight of his rapidly extending penis. It was unusually long and thick. I heard him say to the other dirty looking fat white man: ‘When he is finished wid de milking, I am going to fuck that little piece of pussy.’ We had discussed the danger that the men might want to do that. My wife had said demurely, ‘If it happens, it happens.’ With my little prick almost ready to explode, I realised it was going to happen. My pretty little pregnant wife was going to be milked and fucked, up against a wall in her undies, stockings and high heels. God she looked so prim and sexy in that satin fronted corsolete.

The fat old Irish man was breathing heavily as he kneaded Victoria’s bulging breast. In the dim light I could see that her nipples looked enormous. The brute was working very expertly, manipulating each nipple with between thumb and fingers while pulling on her breasts. The big black guy was giving my wife’s little slit some serious attention. Victoria’s body was arching forward and two of the dirty old men moved forward to steady her. I could tell she was starting to cum. She cried out as the big black guy’s fist disappeared inside. ‘You like that do yer, slut?’ rasped the Irish man as the other’s whispered obscenities which Victoria was bound to hear. The young black Rasta was moving closer, massaging his huge penis. ‘She is your wife. Yes?’ said one of the other men, in what sounded like an East European accent. He was very tall, with a thick crop of grey hair. ‘Yes’ I whispered back sheepishly.