Written by Claireandsi

25 May 2012

our flat was once the weekend place to be, what with people in our bathroom / toilet having fun it was the "in" place, anyways we had been out with friends to a few pubs and a chinese and to say i was smashed was a understatment, next morning we discovered we had a flood. floor ruined, so off we go get new carpet bloke in store very helpful carpet can be fitted in week pick a time. which we did morning thanks very much. school run over i invite a old school friend for coffee. sitting there having a natter and low and behold carpet fitter arrives offerd him coffee and he set to work saying be a couple of hrs. great stuff cos he was very advertising. as girls do we got chatting about naughty stuff to which we completely forgot "j" was there. until a little cough came from hall to which we chuckled oh blimy forgot about him...well he came in with a corker in his jeans giving it a little rub. we both looked at him and said mmmmmmmm defo. my friend gave me the nod and said im popping to local shop 5min walk away i thought i cant give this baby up so asked him to join me on sofa, kissing my neck i slowly started rubbbing his chest and his leg, then before we knew it we was both naked on the sofa, thinking pls pls just slip that 7inch bad boy up my wet hole, after a few minutes more of rubbing and fingering he set upon me banging the life outta me i was this point soaked and screaming from more. to which he removed his shaft and spunked in my face and hair i never wasted a drop, this was repeated for a few more months on and off in various pub carparks and nature parks in his van. i must add that my friend gave me the nob and left cos she had last service man we had round..