Written by Mel

14 Oct 2013

He awakened my desire follow on

Firstly I would just like to make clear a misunderstanding for lewis412 I was eighteen when I first met my husband so I am now twenty two and not fourteen. for I would like to thank you all for your wonderful comments, it is nice to know that there are people out there that actually care about others. If you read the first part of my experience you will know that my husband brought home a man from an home made porn film. To say I was shocked would be an understatement I did not know that my husband even knew this man. I was angry inside but calm on the outside as I did not want to offend our guest. I asked him if he would like a coffee and he said yes so I asked my husband to give me hand to carry them through to the lounge. In the kitchen I said to my husband how long have you known Greg. But being a female I said no don’t tell and if you have brought him to fuck me its not going to happen, and I will talk to you later. Back in the lounge we talked about many things but sex was never mentioned. Greg stayed for a couple of hours and he was easy to talk to during his stay he asked to use the bathroom. Told him its up the stars turn right then the bathroom is right in front of you. He seamed to be in there longer than it would normally take but I just dismissed it.

After Greg had gone I said to my husband I want a word with you, how long have you known him and why did you not tell me about him beforehand. I said that I felt like I was being presented as a prize cow. I know all you females will understand how I felt, I realise men think differently as they get erection instantly. We did not really argue as my hubby apologised and we later started snogging on the sofa. Then he told me that Greg had give him his latest film so we went of to bed to watch it. I got undressed and always sleep naked if we are going to have sex. I went to put my cloths in the laundry hamper in the bathroom and my knickers were on top of my clothes with the gusset wet and drenched. I stormed back in bedroom and said that horny bastard has been sucking my knickers clean. Then as I looked up Phil had his latest porn film on and it was just starting so I jumped into bed with my back to hubby while he fondled my small tits. The woman with Greg was about sixty or more and there he was sucking he knickers and she was fully dressed. Phil said just look he loves sucking knickers and tasting pussy and tonight he has tasted yours. All the time Phil was stroking my hairy pussy which I love. I am very hairy it comes over my knicker line and around the top of my inner thighs. My hubby loves my pussy and does not want me to trim it and I love the feel of his fingers running through it. Phil was now talking dirty to me and getting me all aroused asking me if I wanted to let Greg eat my pussy, I was in heaven as I heard myself oooooorrrrrrrrrrr Greg eat me , lick my pussy. Then Phil asked what else Mel, fuck me I want him to fuck and fill me with spunk, I was shaking from head to foot as a massive orgasm hit me.

Phil then climbed between my legs and fed his cock into my saturated pussy I was absolutely soaking wet. He me asked do want him Mel do you want here in our bed fucking you yes yes yes I want him inside me filling me up. Phil then climaxed and filled my pussy as we caressed each other as we both came down from a high. We both fell asleep I was awoken next morning with hubby once more stoking my hairy pussy. I felt his fingers slip inside my pussy as he said just think Mel these could be Greg,s fingers I was moaning with pleasure. The thoughts of last night running through my mind thinking of Greg as my hubby fucked again. Over breakfast he asked did I in any way think I could fuck Greg I hesitated for a while and then told him no. The following Saturday Phil brought Greg back with him and we had a carry out and a few beers and Greg left around nine o’clock. When we went up to bed I put my cloths in the hamper as usual but there on top was a pair of my black knickers but this time the gusset filled with white creamy spunk. I sniffed them to see what is was like then I found myself runing my tongue across the gusset until I had lapped it al up. Hubby fucked me that night but I did not tell him what I found or what I had done. I had a massive orgasm as hubby fucked knowing the I had just swallowed Greg,s spunk. The following Saturday my husband went to an away match and left around 9 30 am then not long after there was a knock at the door. No prizes for guessing who it was Greg on the pretence of calling for Phil. I ushered him in quickly as it looked suspicious him arriving just as my husband had left. I really need to finish this for you as I have come along way since starting work with Alan

lots of love Mel