Written by jill

3 Oct 2009

Last night (friday) i went out with the girls for a drink,leaving my hubby at home,after we had been to afew pubs the girls decided to go for a curry i decided i would go home being after eleven,i was waiting at the taxi rank when a black guy started to chat me up,he looked fit and good looking i dont know why but he asked me to go with him and i thought why not,he took me round the back alley and we started to kiss and he soon had my tits out and his strong hands down my knickers i got his cock out and it must have been 9inches long i just thought oh fuck i have always wanted to be fucked by a black guy and now is my chance,he bent me down to suck his salty cock hard and i gagged on its size he then turned me around and shoved his massive hard cock into me bareback i was a bitch on heat and pushed myself down the full length of his cock as i came for the first time,he fucked me hard for about 20mins before he pumped me full of his cum,i had just been blacked and loved it i said i wanted more so he took me to a house about three streets away and when i went in two of his mates were there and i fucked them as well all bareback it seems so unreal but this happened last night and after they had fucked me my new lover took me home in his car stopping down the road so hubby would not know,i went in and hubby was in bed so i had a shower and went to bed,this morning hubby fucked me and comented on how wet and loose i seemed he has no idea i had fucked three black guys only hours before,today i have had a tex from my new black guy and i have told hubby im going shopping,but actually i am meeting my black master for a gangbang with him and more of his mates this afternoon i am now a black mans whore and dont want to go back to hubbys pathetic dick ...........j