26 Jul 2017

This is a true story, it concerns my first wife, Kirsty and we are going back about 20 years when my wife was 22 and I was about 28. I am remarried now but enjoy sharing these accounts of K.

So we were only married about 12 months. My wife took a job in London and we decided to move down from the North. We didn't have much money so we were looking for a place to rent and the only option was to find a room in a shared house. K was especially fit, still is apparently. 5-8, brunette, very pretty, slim, tiny waist and nice hips and arse, perfect legs and tits. Just a very hot young lady. She told me that I had been her only lover - I believed her. K always got a lot of attention from men with her looks and figure and I felt uncomfortable at other men looking at her, I certainly didn't enjoy it. To me that was a natural expected reaction and something that I would have to get used to.

Well we answered an ad in LOOT. - remember that? The house was near Harrow and it was a semi detached, nothing special house, I think the rent was cheap. The room was a in a converted loft with the usual very steep steps (more like a ladder) to access it. It was summer and K was wearing a stretchy lycra dress that hugged her figure, quite short but not indecent. Heeled sandals and she was as usual well made up.

It was the landlord who answered the door. He was letting the room in the house to make ends meet I suppose so it would have been just us and him living there. We didnt ask him about his personal circumstances but it was clear that he lived alone. What I remember about him was that he instantly took a big and surprising interest in my wife. He seemed to be quite old to me then but he was probably the age I am now so in retrospect I could not have blamed him for taking an interest in my wife. He wasn't unclean or disgusting but he didn't hide his attentions for me wife either. I imagined him as having a pretty sizable porn portfolio so to have my wife there was giving him some extra material!

When we went around the house, of course we let K go first and he was right behind her. Because I followed him I could see him ogling and sizing up my wife's arse when her attention was occupied and he took every opportunity to brush her arm, once or twice he touched her waist. She was obviously aware of all the attention but we were in another persons house and it would have seemed rude to comment. During all this I have to say I could not tell if I was feeling uncomfortable, angry or turned on. Perhaps all three.

We climbed the main stairs of the house and again my wife went first and he followed. My wife looked beautiful with her hips and buttocks moving naturally. He was a few steps behind but his eye line was filled with my wife's arse. I watched him never taking his eyes off her. I could feel myself getting turned on. At the top of the stairs he showed us the bathroom we all would use. Thankfully it was clean but very small and when she brushed past him in the bathroom to swap positions with him he took the opportunity to momentarily place both hands on her hips as she squeezed past him with the pretext of helping her keep her balance. It was opportunistic but he carried it off well.

When we got to the bottom of the second flight of stairs I knew she would be on show to him. The stairs we more like ladders, almost vertical. I think my wife must have been expecting me to protect her embarrassment by following her. My wife went first of course but for some reason I said 'after you' to him. I knew he was going to get the best view of his life and something inside me let him go first. I was letting him follow her, knowing he would take advantage of his opportunity and I was enjoying the feeling very much. This was the point at which I changed from being angry when men looked at my wife to wanting men to fuck my wife. as we climbed my wifes dress would hitch up her waist and become even shorter, she kept pulling it down which meant pausing on the steps and prolonging the show. I observed 'our friend' looking up at my wife's arse and panties and he will have seen her bush and probably been able to make out her newly married pussy. Then he looked back at me presumably to see if I was checking on him. I was enjoying him studying my wife so my instinct was to look away so he would feel unhindered and allowed him to check her out.

I have to be honest and i have thought about this moment hundreds of times that I wish I had said something like. 'I just remembered that I forgot to lock up the car' or something lame like that and 'would you mind showing Kirsty around for me, I will be back in 15 minutes' that would have given him complete access to her, to try and seduce her, to touch her up, to try and get her number so he could fuck her another time. Of course, I said nothing but enjoyed watching him check her out, storing everything in the wank bank his use later I'm sure. Well, I hoped!

Same story when she descended. he went first and K followed. each step her dress rode up her upper things and she would tug it down. I could see his eyes were fixed on her pussy all the time. I was hard and trying not to show. When she was two steps from the ground he held out his hands to her and helped her off. They looked at each other and it was as if I wasn't there. I wished I could have disappeared and let them get on with it.

Anyway that is what happened. When I had sex with her I imagined I was him fucking her, maybe she imagined too. We never spoke about it. My fantasy for a long time was about her calling him back and asking him for a second viewing, but she would be alone because I had to work. the she would turn up ready for it, make it obvious to him that she wanted it and got herself fucked by the guy. We never took the room but knowing her in the following months and years he would definitely have her as I worked away from home for weeks on end. maybe that was a mistake also.

In the next months and years my wife had sex secretly with other men, How I know, well its all for another story.