Written by noveeceerg

11 Mar 2013

I really have had a bad sexual relationship with my son's dad ever since that we've been together,I not experienced real orgasms when fucked me., we are not married. before I was always asking him if he really like to marry me, until the time is over for me and he is the one now that asking me to prepare for our wedding. but i have realized everything for 3 years there is no good at all to lived with him (some complicated situation about relationship and family matters). well then he have a size less 6 i think., and everytime he fucked me I need to finger myself first and a torture for him to finger fuck me whilst i finger lick my clitoris. until i feel a great orgasm.

that was last Friday late night...

I had a friend named Perry,I met him from a social network and keep on chatting with me.. sending me cute kisses n hugs, and he told me that he is visiting my country and he wished to see me, and i sed IT IS FINE WITH ME and WHEN ARE U PLANNING TO COME VISIT MY CITY. after 1 week he messaged me at 12:30am Thursday and bought a small black bikini for me. he is at the hotel and he sent me his number so i then called him and we plan to meet the next day.

I am bit nervous that time when i left the house.

I paid the taxi and I saw Perry with his pipe on his hand, clean shaved face and head, he is at his 65 and i am 23. I feel comfortable when i met him that time seems like we have met before. I bought a water @ 7-11 and we headed to his room. on the elevator he hold my hands and he hugged me. I am very open minded person so I not mind wat is he doing. coz since when i read some stories here, and some girls same like me they go get shagged by times 3 with their age. so I ask myself, and I really wanna try it. and i used to.

HE show me the bikini and if i like to try it. and i am bit shy but i told myself.. "no need to be shy" I removed my top and he is looking at me, and he remove the clip of my bra and i put the black top bikini and he tie on my neck, i then tied the other part at my back. he turned in front of me and check the fit and it is look good.

I get excited and he wants me to wear the bottom bikini so i went to the CR and undid all my things left on me, and i wear the panty and i walked into the room and he saw me wearing in a complete black bikini and he commented, " u already have a son but ur tummy is so firm and flat sexy" and i thank him :) i sat on the bedside and he moved his hands through my top and keep on checking the fit. i can feel my panty is getting wet, he moved his hands up to my breast and gave a smooth press on it, and I can feel that my pussy is waiting for something coz it is excited I not mind if he is that too old for me., he still look good, white, still have a nice body but he have his big belly,

pressing my breast makes me feel crazy and he kissed me, HE ask me to take a shower together but first (bit awkward for me)so i go inside the shower and washed myself and bathe my body, he came in and he join me n the tub with the warm running water

and he soaped my back up to my breast and mashing them tightly and until i am really soaking wet, I touch my cunt and it is sticky. He at my back giving me a smooth massage while the soap is all washed away and we're clean I can see his cock is so hard, aggressively he so excited. and he let his cock come inside me, he slid twice to my shaking wet pussy, I can feel his hard cock filling me.

I kneed in front of him and i gave him a good below job !! he told me to stop it coz he can cum fast. so we washed again and go to bed and he licked me good... HE s really good on licking I can say, and finger fuck me.,but i am really hard so hard to cum. and i think I want a big huge load inside me... and long tongue twisting game..

he can hear me moaning and he really likes it... he keep foreplaying on my clit. then he told me he dont have a condom, so he bit worried and i said dont worry I know i am safe, he is now going on my top while am at my back. he slid his soo rock hard old cock inside me and keep telling me that " OH YOU U TIGHT AND UR TINY LIL TIGHT" and i closed my legs so he can feel it much tighter. he closed his eyes and that is really turning on facial expression when i saw him cumming with his cock on my tummy, he cant control it anymore a big "" URRGGG---FUCK FUCK AM CUMMING"" I Can feel his cock is pulsating on my belly part and he let it empty while i massaged his cock. he never fucked for almost a month so he cum fast.

after a min he fell sleep. and I stay awake til 3 to 4am watching tv on front of me, and he is snoring and i told him to turn to his side so i cannot hear him snoring again. WHilst he at his dream, I finger fucked myself and playing my clit. but am feeling dry so i not cum again.

before he leave me to the airport he keep kissing me and hugged me tight and i can feel his cock so hard again. and that fast he came very near me and he insert his stick into my waiting pussy. a slow rubbing motion of his cock into my cunt want me more n more good fuck. and he came that fast again, and he said sorry he really cant control anymore.. he that old so i understand him and i can see him feeling his back pain from traveling.

and he leave me on the bed and he go down and told the staff to wake me up at 10 am but i still woke up at 12nn.. so then i hurried when they remind me that my time only until 12 nn. i love to stay at the hotel everytime i have a personal problem.

ANYWAYS>> I am trying to write this story on my own and hope u like it... ill try to write a better story i have one but i need to sort it first bfore i post here...

but this is FACT :)