Written by Sexydebs692009

19 Nov 2009

The agency called me and stated that they had a good role but that the boss was a bit 'strange'. I met up with the agency lady as she didn't want to talk more via email/phone. 'He's a nice chap, but he has a really strong foot fetish which is putting the girls off'. I didn't mind my feet and toes being fondled/kissed and so I said I'd go and see him for an interview. 'Wear a pair of high heels that show off your feet, and he loves red-painted toe nails', the agency lady told me. I arrived at the company and was led into the MD's office. I'd chosen to wear a shortish skirt with matching jacket, a flimsy top that showed my tits off, a tiny g-string, no stockings/tights, a pair of high-heeled mules, bright red toe nail varnish. His eyes went straight for my feet and I noticed a slight bulge in his trousers. 'Have a seat' he said, 'you look lovely, and the agency speak highly of you. Tea or coffee?' The office was fairly warm and I undid my jacket. His eyes immediately went to my tits, my nipples clearly visible. Whilst the tea was being made I had a good look around the office and noticed piles of books mounted high on shelves, with a small ladder that ran around the edge. 'Ah' he said, 'you've noticed the ladder. Are you OK with heights?' 'Shit' I thought to myself, 'the agency didn't say anything about climbing ladders'. 'I'm fine', I said 'as long as you are there to catch me'. 'Shall we have a go?' he said. 'May as well get this bit over and done with'. I took off my jacket and his eyes nearly fell out when he saw my tits straining against the flimsy top, they bounced as I walked across to the ladder and began to step onto it. 'Will you be Ok with your heels on?', he asked. The ladder had bits of carpet on each rung so I took my shoes off and started to mount the ladder bare foot. As I got near to his head height he moved under me clearly looking up my skirt, 'lovely', he said. I started to wobble a bit and I felt his hands holding my ankles, 'steady there', he said.' Thank you' I responded, 'I thought I was going to fall'. I lifted my foot to the next rung and his hand stayed on my ankle and rubbed the length of my foot, stroking my toes, 'I hope you don't mind', he said, 'you have very pretty feet'. 'Thanks', I said, 'I do like them being touched'. I think that was enough for him as he took my foot and buried it into his face kissing and licking my sole and sucking my toes. I turned slowly and put my other foot into his face so that both of my feet were available to him. He grunted and reached for his trousers and pulled out his cock and started to wank himself, still licking and sucking my feet. I moved down the ladder and started to rub his cock with my toes, gently wanking him (see pic on my profile), he groaned and reached for my tits and stated to squeeze them. He lifted my top up and started to suck and bite my nipples as I wanked him harder with my red painted toes. I felt him shudder and then he spunked over my feet, he then stopped sucking my tits and licked the spunk from my toes. 'Thank you', he said, 'when can you start?'