Written by Nick

13 Nov 2009

I didn't know what I wanted to do when I left school so I drifted from one manual job to another, by the time I was twenty-two I had acquired some knowledge of gardening and general small d.i.y. jobs. One day I saw an advert in the local paper for a handyman at a girls school. I genuinely wasn't thinking of opportunities for sex, I just wanted a regular job. I applied for it and received an appointment for interview. The interview was with the headmistress and she seemed to take to me and, much to my surprise, I got the job.

Once I'd started I found that, at that time of the year it was the middle of the summer holidays and there were no pupils in the school. Most of the work was keeping the garden tidy, they had vast lawns and I thoroughly enjoyed myself riding around on a motor-mower every couple of weeks. But I also repaired a few door-locks, window sashes and other like jobs. It was a doddle really, any big jobs they called in a contractor for. However, the best thing about it was that a fully furnished little bungalow came with the job.

Then one warm late afternoon I happened to be passing the window of the headmistress's room, I glanced in and could hardly believe my eyes. The head mistress was laid on her desk with her skirt round her waist and a young woman was kneeling in front of her with her head between the head's thighs! Now I was a somewhat naive young man and had very little experience of sex, didn't, for instance, know that women masturbated or have any idea what on earth they were doing, except it looked like something sexual. But that evening I returned to my bungalow not being able to rid my mind of what I had seen. I had hardly hesitated when I passed that window and didn't think I had been seen, but I was wrong.

The first thing when I got home was to shower, I was very sweaty after having to move some paving stones. So I showered and when I'd dried off I just put a pair of old football shorts on then went to the kitchen to find what I could find for a meal. As I did so there was knock on the door, lo and behold it was the headmistress. I didn't know what to say with the picture of what I had seen filling my mind.

She said, 'Hello, Nick, may I come in?' 'Oh, er ...yes, yes, of course.' I stuttered in reply. She followed me into the living room, she looked around, 'You've really made this very nice, Nick, are you settled in now?' 'Oh, yes, thank you,' I replied. 'Job alright?' 'Yes, I love it.'

'Good,' she said, 'I am sure that you saw what Miss King and I were doing this afternoon, I just wanted to say, don't let it worry you, I'm very satisfied with your work and wouldn't want to lose you. If I can just explain... er... this, as you know is a very female community, you are the only man here! A lot of the girls, the older ones I mean, are like all girls of their age, their hormones are raging, they're curious about sex. Sometimes a teacher has to ... er... how shall I put it? Um.. relieve their anxiety shall I say? Sometimes physically, which we do not talk about, some people would not understand.'

'Now,' she continued, 'with an all female community even we adults have our desires too, which, in the circumstances, we satisfy with each other. Do you follow?' 'I...I think so.' 'Tell me, Nick, have you much experience of we ladies, you are after all, quite young?' 'Well, no, not really.' I replied, 'I mean...er... well... I'm not a virgin, but I don't really know a lot.'

'That's what I thought, well I have a proposition for you. I would guess that you know very little about what women want when they have sex, so how would you feel if I were to teach you everything a man should know about how to love women? In exchange for you not mentioning anything that goes on here to anyone outside?'

'Well,' I thought to myself, 'I was only thinking when I saw what the head was doing how little I know really.' It seemed a good deal, so I said, 'I know how ignorant I am, Mrs.Palmer, so I think I'd like to take you up on your offer.' 'Good,' she replied, 'I did so hope that you'd say that! Now, would you like the first lesson now?'

My heart thumped, Mrs.Palmer was, I thought, early to mid-fifties, attractive, with a good figure, probably a little overweight but with everything in proportion. 'I'd like that,' I said. She said, 'I can tell that you've just had a shower, well needed I expect after shifting all that stone paving, I had one just before I came out, so I suggest we go into your bedroom and take our things off, then we can have some fun!'

In we went and I watched Mrs.Palmer remove her blouse and bra, then kick off her shoes so she could take off her skirt and knickers. To be honest, although I'd fucked a couple of girls, I had never seen a woman naked. Mrs.Palmer's breasts were not large and, due to her age no doubt, had dropped a little, they still looked good to me! My eyes dropped down her body where I could see a sparse patch of dark hair on a plump swelling, she had nice legs too. I dropped my shorts, she looked at my cock, 'Well,' she gasped, 'you obviously don't know what you have to offer a woman! I haven't seen one like that in quite some time.' I had no idea what she meant.

She drew me onto the bed, she kissed me, it was really the first passionate kiss I had ever experienced and I began to become aroused. 'Now then, I know it might sound a bit clinical but I am going to show you my fanny and what it contains.' She spread her legs, 'Just make yourself comfortable in a position where you can see my fanny.' I sat up and slid down so that I could see. Then she explained about 'outer lips, inner lips, the vaginal canal and, as she put it, 'the most important bit, the clitoris.

As can imagine, these were things I knew virtually nothing about, I was amazed and totally interested. 'Now,' she carried on, 'we come to your cock!' She explained about what happened when you got a hard on, about the fact that it oozed some sort of juice and the sensitivity of the glans, I didn't even know that's what it was called! 'I am sure,' she continued, 'that you think a man getting hard is all that happens before you have sex, but it isn't! It can be very painful for a woman to have sex without being aroused and I'm now going to show you how to arouse a woman!'

We began with kissing, 'It's not just on the mouth,' she told me, 'women have a lot of what is known as 'erogenous zones', that means kissing a woman in certain places makes her aroused, like this. Kiss me here...', her eyes, 'and here', her neck. 'Then here, all over,' her breasts, 'that leads to kissing and sucking the nipples.' I kissed her as she wanted, her nipples erected stiffly and I enjoyed sucking them. 'By the time you've done all that, the woman is already becoming aroused, that usually means that the fanny changes, look at me now.' I looked and noticed that her outer lips had swelled and parted to reveal, swelling and growing inner lips. She then took my hand, 'Now just very gently caress my clitoris.' She covered my hand and showed me exactly what she meant, I was surprised to discover that that little protrusion was now hard under my finger. She gasped when I did what she wanted, 'Now you can feel up my vagina.'

I inserted a finger and found her hot and very slippery, when I withdrew it, it was slick with a clear and slightly viscous fluid. Then she said, 'That's just the bare bones, if you're with a girl and she wants you to do something for longer or less, or something different, she might quite possibly tell you what turns her on, alright?' I nodded, 'Yes!' By now I had a throbbing erection that felt harder than any that I'd had before.

'Good!, Now we can do it! Get between my thighs!' I did so. She took my cock in her hand and rubbed it in the, now wide open mouth, of her fanny, it was all slippery with her juice. After, quite obviously rubbing her clit with it and gasping, she then inserted it in her vagina, 'Push!' she said. I did, my cock slid right up inside her cunt, it was incredibly hot and very slippery. 'Now do what comes naturally,' she panted. Well, I'd fucked before so I did it. Not that I lasted long half a dozen strokes later I shot my spunk deep inside her, all the same it was an amazing experience.

I lay panting on top of her, she kissed me and stroked my hair, 'There, that's at least a start, you've got a lovely cock, now all we need to do is teach you how to last!'

Mrs.Palmer told me that, in private, I wasto call her Patti and that she was going to make regular visits to me and teach me as much as she could. 'But,' she said, 'when the rest of the staff return you may find that you might be in demand, especially when I tell them what alovely cock you've got! I asked her what she meant. 'Well, Nick, you obviously do not know that your cock is quite a bit longer and thicker than most men. While size is not all importannt, as many men seem to think, it can if used properly give a woman enhanced enjoyment. If a woman is properly aroused any size of cock can give her a lot of pleasure and I have had many different sizes, all I can say is that, however brief, your cock certanly pleasured me!' 'Just one thing, before I go,' she added, 'no sex with the girls! Basically most of them are under age any way, but there will always be girls who want to find out what being penetrated and having sex is like. I would be extremely angry and disappointed if you were to do such a thing. Believe me, play your cards right and you'll have as much sex as you can handle anyway!'

I did too, that's another story, but one I will gladly tell you about if you like what you have read here.